Marshmello in Fortnite Doing a Concert this Weekend!

Fortnite hosting a Concert of Marshmello This Weekend?

Fortnite, the Battle Royal game which took the world over by storm is going to do yet another crazy thing. After breaking tons of records with the help of worldwide streamers and gamers, now Fornite is after a new feat. We are getting some news that there will be a concert of Marshmello in Fortnite this weekend.

Who is Marshmello and what about him and Fortnite

If you are a bit confused after reading the last paragraph then let me explain to you. Let’s start with who is Marshmello? For those who don’t know, Marshmello is an American EDM(Electronic Dance Music), artist and producer. Marshmello plays Fortnite frequently and often plays with Ninja, a famous twitch streamer. He and Ninja won the Pro-Am tournament of Fortnite at E3.

Those who don’t know Fortnite, it is a battle royale game with cartoonish graphics. In this game, you are dropped with 100 other players on an island and you have to be the last one standing to have the ‘victory royale‘.

Back to the topic, according to some news sources, we know that Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite has approached and booked Marshmello to do an in-game concert.

Location of the concert

Ok, if the last line of the last paragraph gave you some idea about the concert then fine. Otherwise, let me explain a bit. Epic Games is planning to have a concert of Marshmello in the game. The news is that Epic Games will host this concert in the football fields of Pleasant Park (an in-game location) this weekend.

If you visit the football ground in Pleasant Park right now you will witness the preparations for the concert going on. According to the leaks, there will be a limited time modeParty at Pleasant Park to host this concert. Sources say that the concert will start on Saturday, 2nd February at 2 pm ET(12:30 am IST). I’m eagerly waiting for the concert. Are you too?


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