Google Chrome Version 72 Released for All Devices

Google Chrome Version 72 Available Now: What Are the New Features

Google has released Google Chrome version 72 update for both desktop and mobile users. The new version is of Chrome (Version:- 72.0.3626.81) has released for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android devices. This update comes with a ton of new features for both regular users and for developers as well.

For Developers

Myself being a web developer I was thrilled to see the new developer-friendly features in Chrome 72. First of all the V8, the JavaScript engine of Chrome is now in version 7.2, which will now let declare public class fields directly into a constructor. Chrome 72 uses User-Activation V2 to standardize the website activation across all devices. Intl API is a cool API for localization of a website. With Chrome 72 you can now let the V8 engine to take the burden of localization without sacrificing performance. There are several more features for developers. If you want to see them head to this webpage or watch this video-

For Normal Users

Starting with a piece of bad news for the Desktop Users of Chrome. The new Chrome 72 has now removed the ability to set up a ChromeCast using a Desktop version of Chrome via accessing the URL chrome://cast. This URL now points towards the Google Home app for iOS and Android. However, this change does not affect the seamless streaming of tabs, videos and audio from Google Chrome to your Chromcast device.

Coming to the security features now, Google Chrome has some improvements in Web Authentication API improvements which will completely block pop-ups during page unload. Chrome 72 now allows users to sign-in using a security key, Bluetooth U2F keys, or other security methods. In Windows, users can now use Windows Hello as a two-factor verification process. For Mac users, Chrome 72 has the support for external security devices which connects over BLE. Chrome for windows now blocks code injection thereby reducing crashes via third-party apps. This version of chrome has a total 58 security fixes. The list is at this site.

Now let’s have a look at the Android version of Chrome 72 which brings a new way to view browsing history – by long pressing back button. There is a new Chrome Duet feature which will bring more options to the bottom overflow menu.

For iOS, there is a dedicated button for Siri. There will be support for more search engines as well.

Chrome 72 can be downloaded on Android from Google Play, on iOS via the App Store, and desktop users can update to the latest version by using Chrome’s built-in updater or downloading it directly from here.

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