How to Improve Your KD on Valorant: The 5 Best Tips

Valorant continues to get the love from all the gamers, who love to have good action with their guns. The game is entertaining and thrills you to such an extent, which is enough to make you stay glued and win every level. Therefore, you may require a tad bit of help as you progress in the game. Here is the Valorant ESP hack for easing the game and guiding you through the steps of your favorite game.


KD, which is an acronym for Kill Death Ratio, is extremely necessary to any shooter game. Valorant is no exception to this situation. Even though there is a bit of dependency on the role of competitive playing, you need a proper KD for rising through the game’s ranks. Apart from a good Kill Death ratio, you must be having a well-built team.

Here in this read, you will gain a few insights into the best tips for improving the KD.

Read the Tips and Improve your KD

These are the 5 major tips and advice, which you will surely require for a considerable improvement in your KIll Death. So the next time you try your hands at the guns in this game, be sure to follow these tips.

Knowing the Agent’s Action

Valorant may look like Counter-Strike in several aspects, but the added FPS of the Riot Games has made the game even more exciting and strategic. The introduction of agents in the game has added another layer, making it gaming heaven for all the shooters therein the entire world.

There are somewhat like 10 agents for each of the game players, and each one of those 10, has a certain amount of abilities for helping out the players in their goals. The interesting part about the agents here in Valorant is that there are only 10 of them. This just makes the game perfect due to a lack of any kind of complications like that in the MOBA League.

Understanding the function of the agents will prepare you for the best. You can avoid deaths and plan for the counter plays. Thus, knowing the nitty-gritty of your agents will help you benefit and make progress in the game.

Getting a clear idea of your agents is not even a tough job. Therefore spending some time understanding your agents will only ease your path in the game and help you emerge as the winner.

Find the Sens and Crosshair

You won’t find many players spending time on a perfect Sens and crosshair. But again, all the players aren’t winners. So if you are thinking of being a pro, try to focus on finding the sens that suits you the most.

A player must stress on ending all of their opposition, as they can do the same the other way. If the player has played games like Overwatch or counter strike, he or she can take the help of the sens converter to check out the sensitivity of your mouse in the game.

Even if you are new to gaming, you won’t face many problems. You need to go for a few tests or try to replicate a professional’s crosshair. You can also take the help of Valorant’s Practice Range to get the taste of the different available sens and crosshairs.

Learning Spray and Recoil Patterns

You must be confident of using your weapons and know about their functionalities. All your weapons won’t have the same recoil patterns. You can use the Practice Range to acquire knowledge about the spray and recoil patterns of the various sets of weapons.

Weapons help you in improving your KD, and understanding your weapons will only make your way easier. Proper knowledge would help you in deciding the weapons to use at the right time.

Aim Train

Aim training is crucial, especially for all the newbies who tend to rush into the game. The practice range or playing for shorter intervals and low-intensive games will only help you in achieving your dream of becoming in the game. So have a bit of patience and stick to the plan.

Learning from the Pros

The pro Valorant players have practical knowledge of the game. Practical knowledge always comes in handy in every field. So you can discuss the game and problems with the pros and chalk out your plan keeping in mind all the elements.

Keep in mind all the tips discussed and play even more tactfully. Only that’s how you can improve your KD on Valorant.


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