Why Is Gaming On A Phone Still Popular In 2020

Thanks to the advancements made with our mobile phones, the gaming world has a new competitor in its ranks. Gone are the days where console gaming completely dominated the gaming landscape. Now, handheld devices like the Nintendo Switch are living up to its early hype, alongside the emergence of gaming on a smartphone. The growth is clear to see.

With our mobile phones being more sophisticated than ever before, games developers are desperate to crack the market and release the next hit game. The likes of Angry Birds, PUBG Mobile and the hugely popular Pokemon Go have shown just how much mobile gaming has taken off, with millions of users all around the globe playing these type of creations, and dedicated, loyal communities of gamers being formed as a result. It’s only going to get bigger and better, too.

But why is that? How can gaming on a miniature handheld device appeal over gaming on a console, such as a PS4, in 2020? Below are a few reasons as to why.

Gaming On a Phone

The Portability Factor

Arguably the biggest selling point with mobile phone gaming is the fact that you can enjoy a variety of games while on the move. Whether you’re trying keno online or attempting to crack a word puzzle, it’s no hassle whatsoever to fire up a game for a few minutes while you’re making your commute into work on the bus. In fact, everyone has a smartphone these days, meaning that using your phone out in public has become the norm. Even adults who wouldn’t normally consider themselves as gamers have numerous releases ideal for any adult available to them. Downloading games is a painless experience also, taking just a few seconds. There’s an array of games to choose from too, all at the touch of a button. Compare that to gaming on one of the major consoles and not only is it a hassle to return games at times, but you simply can’t try out a variety of games in such a short space of time. Gaming on a mobile is convenient, easy and entirely consumer-friendly.

Mobile-friendly Gaming

Most, if not all, mobile phone games take up very little time. Developers are making sure the creations they release can be enjoyed on the move, much like we stated in the above paragraph around mobile phone’s being portable. There is no use in producing a game that will take hours to play. You can fire up a quick game, leave it open in the background should anyone give you call, then give it another play later on when you’re ready. It’s casual gaming at its best.

Console-Quality Titles

Developers are taking the time to release mobile games simultaneously with its PC and console versions. Creations such as FIFA 20 and PUBG Mobile have registered massive success on both console and mobile, highlighting that it can be done. Developers are now finding ways to release all versions of games at the same time, therefore satisfying the console market and the mobile gaming market. There’s also joysticks and the likes of VR headsets available these days too, which enables mobile versions of games to stand up against the rest. These days, mobile games certainly are too.

Football Game
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Cheap and Free Games

Another huge factor behind the rise in gaming on a mobile phone has to be down to the fact that many of the games available are either cheap or free. They can be accessed within seconds too, meaning you can play a variety of games without breaking the bank. All you need is access to AppStore and Google Play.


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