Gmail New Features: Coming Soon to end Users

Gmail Got New Features for The Users

Is there anyone in this internet-universe who is not using Gmail? Well, now it seems that Google is bringing some new features in Gmail. According to Google, they will roll out these features really soon. These new features will help the users to correct mistakes and edit while composing a mail. Two of the features are in the shortcut buttons, and the third one lets the users download messages from Gmail in your preferred format. Now let’s explore the features.

Shortcut to undo/redo in the compose window

With this feature, you will have a undo and a redo button in the compose window of Gmail. This will allow you to reverse your mistakes while composing a mail. If you accidentally delete content or draft the mail, it will be super easy for you to reverse your error.

Shortcut to strikethrough text

In addition to bold, italics and underline, you will be able to strike through the text as well. There soon will be the strikethrough button which will allow you to strikethrough text in your mail. Strikethrough lets you show visually indicating changes in your mail, so Google thinks it an important feature to be present in the compose window.

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Download messages as “.EML” files in rfc822 format from Gmail on web

The .EML format is a special format. Many email clients support and let you view “.EML” files. This is a great way to send non-Gmail users a mail from Gmail. Thus users will be able to attach previous emails in a new mail.

From the source of this news i.e., the G-Suit blog post we came to know that these features are coming within a few days. It also says that these features will be switched on by default.


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