Facebook to Block False News in US Midterm Election

Facebook to Block False News in US Midterm Election

Facebook role in US elections
Courtesy: Financial Times

In the 2016 US presidential campaign, Facebook was widely abused for alleged propaganda driven by Russia. Before the upcoming November midterm elections, the network is now trying to challenge the fake news at a new level. For this, Mark Zuckerberg has founded a “War Room” in which false news is to be found and deleted.

High Time For Facebook

There are only a few weeks left before the midterm elections take place in the United States. On 6 November, the House of Representatives and parts of the Senate will be re-elected. To prevent tampering, as it did during the US Presidential campaign two years ago, Facebook has set up a so-called “War Room” at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California. As of Monday, a total of 20 professionals will find, identify and eliminate Fake News. This is reported by the New York Times, which has visited the new centre on site. A total of 300 people would be concerned with the security of the upcoming elections, the newspaper said.

Facebook has been under massive public pressure since the 2016 election manipulation. At that time, at least 470 profiles with a suspected connection to Russia had switched to advertising with a political background for about $100,000. It was all about fueling tensions between ethnic and social groups. Overall, it is estimated that at least 10,000 people have seen these ads.

A few weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would be even more determined to act against such allegations of manipulation in view of the approaching US midterm elections. In August, the online network after its own attacks deleted 652 accounts, pages and groups that were operated from Iran and allegedly from the environment of the Russian military intelligence service. It was about coordinated actions with linked accounts, Zuckerberg said.

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