Facebook Privacy Push – Golden Stone Bowl?

Facebook Privacy Push – Sounds Like Golden Stone Bowl

When I first heard about Mark Zuckerberg‘s privacy-focused vision for Facebook, it seemed like a renovation of Facebook after being questioned a lot about their flawed privacy policy. But according to the critics, Facebook Privacy Push has deeper motivations like discovering new commercial services.

According to Siva Vaidhyanathan, director of media studies at the University of Virginia, Facebook wants to be the operating system of our lives.

What is the goal

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s commitment to private messagingFacebook will integrate their messaging services with the two apps they own – Whatsapp and Instagram. This will let the users have the cross-messaging ability. This will expand the encrypted messaging world. According to Facebook, the encryption won’t let anyone other than the sender and the receiver to read the messages. Even Facebook employees can’t read the messages.

The main goal of Facebook with the unified messaging app for FacebookWhatsapp, and Instagram to expand Facebook’s role in e-commerce and payments. However, Facebook is not yet ready to disclose too much about messaging. The end goal of Facebook is to become similar to WeChat in China. WeChat is currently the world’s most popular person to person online payment app.

In some respects, Facebook has already headed in this “privacy-push” direction. It has introduced shopping features in its Messenger app for a few years, which was not so fruitful. Nearly three years ago Whatsapp got the end to end encryption feature. No one even the app developers can’t read the messages protected this way.

But according to some intellects, these steps from Facebook won’t be able to have a huge impact until they fix their core privacy issues.
“In the last year, I’ve spoken with dissidents who’ve told me encryption is the reason they are free or even alive,” Zuckerberg wrote in the blog post.


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