Control Youtube on PC using Smartphone

Youtube is an American┬ávideo sharing website. This service is used by millions daily. Most of us use this service from our mobile phones or through our laptop’s. You can also connect your PC’s or Laptop’s to your TV through HDMI. Now, once the device is connected to the TV you need to change the video or play the videos which you want to and getting up again and again to change the videos is a big hassle. You can use the below mentioned method to easily control the video playback using any of your smartphones or even tablets. To do so follow the method mentioned below:

Want to Control Youtube from your smartphone?

Most of us don’t know this but we can control youtube in our laptop’s using our smartphones.

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1. By Using Youtube TV website & Youtube App

We do not need to install any apps or link over a Wireless network. It is simple and these are the steps:

youtube tv interface

  • Click on the bar on the left-hand side and click on settings.

Youtube tv settings

  • Click on “LINK TV AND PHONE” & then press “Link with TV Code”.

Youtube link with phone

  • Open your phone’s Youtube app and tap on “Watch on TV”.

Youtube app

  • On the next window if you are not connected to the same network as your laptop, click on “Enter TV Code”.

Enter TV Code

  • Now on the next page enter the TV code which you see on your laptop’s screen in the Youtube TV website and press on the link.

TV Link

  • Now return to your Youtube App and click on any video which you would like to watch on your Computer’s screen.

Play Youtube

  • Press play button.

Youtube playing on tv

  • Now the video will play on your laptop’s screen and you can control it through your smartphone’s Youtube App.

Youtube video playing



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