Best Sites for Royalty Free Music for YouTube Content Creators

Presently, social media has taken a unique place in our lives. We all keep track of our favorite bloggers, vloggers, influencers and what not. But what makes these people so popular? Apart from the work they do, the magic they add to be successful in what they do is special effects in their work. It may include video editing, background music, etc. The most popular platform for background music is RFM or Royalty Free Music.

The fact that everyone should be aware of is the difference between free music and royalty free music. Free music can be any music which is free to download but not free to use personally, it may have copyright issues, whereas royalty free music is free to use in your videos with no copyright issues; However, sometimes, you might need to credit the music source in your video description.

Here are some of the best royalty free music sights every creator should be familiar with:

1. YouTube Audio Library

It is far now the most popular platform to access music. Yes, YouTube itself gives you to choose free music from its library, and for what amount? It’s free, yes you got it right you can have music for your content for free from YouTube audio library. It is particularly useful for those creating short videos and do not have a very high budget and lets you filter music of your choice according to genre, mood, instrument, duration, attribution. It gives you hundreds of tracks to choose from, but if attribution is required for your video, then you have to credit the artist in your content description.

youtube audio library

Official Website

2. Hooksounds

Hooksounds is an amazing option if you are looking for high-quality, exclusive tracks. They have a vast collection of music, sound effects, intros, and outros. Furthermore, best of all, they have world-class artists that create the music thinking about different types of content and platforms. The website is easy to navigate, where you can filter by genres, moods, or specific words making it easy to discover what you are searching for. They give the option to use and mention the music for free for non-profitable projects, purchase a single license, or get a subscription and gain access to the full library. They really are an incredible option if you are looking for royalty free music.


3. Epidemic Sound

To give a brand-new taste to all the music listeners; Epidemic Sound came with a completely different set of royalty free music for you to experience diverse and high-quality music. It is considered one of the most useful sites to get copyright free music. Epidemic Sound provides you a full-bundled package of all the legal rights one would need into one simple license, which makes it better than other royalty music providers. It has curated about 750 albums of royalty free music.

Epidemic Sound

Official Website

4. PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat provides you the best set of diverse music you need. Backed up by Shutterstock, it gives you both classical and modern music chosen by the best of music experts. So, you get a wide range of refined music. They believe in putting quality over quantity and thus promise to deliver their best service. They own more than 10,000 soundtracks which you can filter by genre, mood, artist, instrument, duration or beats per minute. It also has a section of Editor’s Pick Playlist which gives you another option of choosing the best possible track for your videos.


Official Website

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5. Soundstripe

With their mission of “Keep creatives creating,” Soundstripe provides video content creators access to their growing collection of royalty free music for an unbeatable price. The sweetest candy it gives is a very clean procedure of subscribing to the soundtracks rather than a single license which is one-of-a-kind in the industry. The most significant advantage of this is that it unlocks unlimited licenses for every song in their carefully curated hand-picked music library. It delivers high-quality music for YouTubers, wedding film-makers, advertisers, content creators. It won’t disappoint you in terms of quality, price and its significant stock of refined music. You can also create your account and follow artist, playlists of your choice and it doesn’t stop here boy, you can also create your music. What else would a music lover want?

Official Website

6. Music Vine

Music Vine is a newcomer which has made to the top in its early years itself. It has collaborated with over 160 independent musicians to produce thousands of tracks that you can segment by mood, style, energy, vocals, and duration. You may find less number of tracks than other providers but don’t let it fade away from your interests, because Music Vine believes in quality over quantity. With much easy website to use, it produces tracks that feature real performances, heart melting instrumentation with lively emotions.

royalty free music - music vine

Official Website

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7. TeknoAXE

TeknoAXE may not look very interesting to look at, but fans love it anyway because it is what underneath that counts. It covers every genre with more than a thousand tracks present in MP3 format. What makes it shine above all is it possess Creative Commons License (CC 4.0). CCL implies you are free to share and adapt music as long as you give attribution credit with no additional restrictions of legal terms or technological measures imposed on the soundtracks you wish to use. TechnoAXE is well versed with every type of music, so if you are a dancer or searching for rock metal music, it got you all covered!

royalty free music - TeknoAXE

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8. Amazon

Amazon, the name sounds familiar, right? Well, who doesn’t surf amazon now, its popularity is presently at its highest; and now it comes with its music library. It provides music for content creatives for an affordable amount, and sometimes free too! The categories to choose from is huge, and the number of tracks to use is satisfactory in quantity.

However, the website is not very well formed; navigation is a bit disappointing. You have to get through a lot to select the track you want. If you on a low budget; it may help you get through it since it provides several tracks with reasonable price!

royalty free music - amazon music

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Keep digging and never stop creating!


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