15 Best N64 Games You Should Play

N64 Games You Should Play

The great successor of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES), and Nintendo’s fabulous 64-bit console, the N64, since its launch on June 23, 1996, in Japan it was one of the most innovative consoles of that time. 64-bit Beauty was the home of some of the most influential of games of all time. We have a list of Best N64 Games you should play here and don’t forget to watch Videos to get a better idea of the game:

1. Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo, 1997)

The sequel of Super Mario Kart of SNES returns with new circuits in 3D more varied in the ambient with four cups for which to compete and four game modes. Testing our driving skills and control of the track to hinder your opponents or dodge the pitfalls of the hand of new characters like Donkey Kong or Wario was a challenge. A 4-wheel adventure in which there was no place for boredom especially if we had more than one pad thanks to its great multiplayer mode!

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2. Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo, 1998)

Considered the best game in the history of video games and a masterpiece par excellence. With a fascinating new story in which Link awakens from a deep dream he meets the harsh reality: Ganondorf, the king of thieves Gerudo and being that has been clouding the peace of Hyrule, has definitely taken over the power of the Triforce … From the hand of Link accompanied by the fairy Navi, we enter to live one of the greatest and most spectacular adventures of the kingdom of Hyrule. The legendary work in 3D that came to become one of the most praised games for criticism.

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3. GoldenEye 007 (Rare, 1997)

In the 97 Rare he delighted us in N64 with an unpublished title and the reference to follow by other games of the shooter genre. Based on the adventures of the most famous secret agent, GoldenEye put us in the skin of Bond so that we would carry out the riskiest missions like killing a communist leader, rescuing hostages or destroying chemical weapons. With 3D graphics of the most defined and careful of the moment along with the combination of espionage element and its fantastic multiplayer mode make GoldenEye 007 a title of a spectacular gameplay that hooked us all completely.

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4. Zelda Majora’s Mask (Nintendo, 2000)

The sixth installment of the Zelda series and the second to use 3D graphics. This time the adventure began in the legendary land of Termina, where Skull Kid has stolen the powerful Mask of Majora and tried to make the moon fall on Termina. Therefore we had to go back in time to avoid the catastrophe by finding the mask, solve the puzzles or defeat enemies with the pure essence of the previous sagas that made us not detach from the screen. The extraordinary video game of exceptional characteristics that any Zeldero that boasts will remember and value as it deserves.

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5. Turok 2 (Acclaim, 1998)

The first-person shooters genre for N64 based on the popular Turok comic series but inspired just like perfect dark in GoldenEye. An exclusive title that took us into a mythical story in which we incarnated Joshua Fireseed assumed the mission of defeating the very same alien Primagen, which we could not face until we located the five energy totems of each world … A game that gave us entertainment for a while especially with its four-player multiplayer mode, which in addition to its excellent graphics and sound, made Turok 2 one of the best video games of all time!

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6. Mario Tennis 64 (Nintendo, 2000)

The video game where the characters of the Mario series play tennis. Before the problems between Wario, Waluigi and Bowser! With all the others, to avoid fights, they decide to hold a tennis championship to settle things peacefully. After the success of Mario Golf, we could not wait any longer and see the stars of the Mario series in a tennis championship in N64. With a surprising diversity of different game modes, multiplayer mode, many characters from the Mario series to choose from, a variety of tracks and excellent animation turn Mario Tennis 64 into a fun bomb!.

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7. 1080ยบ Snowboarding (Nintendo, 1998)

Take the curves with good speed without suffering any mishap, fall to the ground in the right way in favour of the slope and run a good mix of combo tricks that we added a very good percentage, especially the one made with the spin 1080. It was a challenge! From graphics and sound section sublime for those times, a new gameplay and variety of modes with different approaches such as math race, time attack, trick attack, contest mode or two players ensure fun for a while.

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8. Banjo-Kazooie

The shadow of Super Mario 64 was very long, and in its shadow many clones were born that copied the style of play. But among all, maybe Banjo-Kazooie and its sequel, Banjo-Tooie, were the ones that knew best how to take advantage of that style of 3D platform game.

The huge stages were full of objects that aroused our collector and explorer instinct.

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9. Perfect Dark (Rare, 2000)

In the skin of the secret agent of the Carrington Institute, Joana Dark (Perfect Dark), we were involved in a mission in the purest GoldenEye style, where our goal was to uncover a conspiracy of the DataDyne corporation. Divided into several missions with certain objectives that fulfil as eliminate enemies, infiltrate areas without being seen using espionage. In addition to its great multiplayer mode that offered us ample possibilities in the options of the multiplayer game, and its infarct graphics make Perfect Dark in a title exclusive and one of the best shooters back then!

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10. Resident Evil 2 (Capcom, 2000)

In the 98 Capcom, we delighted with the creepy and second part of the Resident Evil saga. In the peaceful Racoon City, its inhabitants begin to become zombies hungry for human brains. A terrifying adventure of the living dead everywhere with a heart attack graphics where we could live the terror more closely thanks to the pack rumble and the pack controller! The title full of action, violence and terror that passionate gamers of survival horror made us the creeps from the first moment!

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11. Jet Force Gemini

Let your imagination fly and embark on this space adventure in which we will meet Juno, Vela and her dog Lupus. It is a squadron that decides to act on its own in the face of the great threat of an invasive species.

A shooting game in the third person where an unbridled action will be the main protagonist. Destroy the enemy ants as you explore countless corners of the galaxy.

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12. Blast Corps

Some say that there was never a Rareware as inspired as in the times of Nintendo 64, despite the jewellery they have created for different consoles. Blast Corps is a great argument to prove it, not only is a great video game, but it is groundbreaking in terms of the conceptual proposal.

It presents us with a truck with an explosive charge, so much that the Earth could go to hell. You have just enough time to be deactivated and you must go straight to your destination. Our mission will be to demolish everything that is in your way, using all kinds of vehicles. A fantastic game to get rid of the stress after a long day of work.

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13. Ridge Racer 64

It is easy to associate Ridge Racer with the PlayStation, not in vain was one of the most prolific games of the console. But we can not forget that the creator of the game was not Sony, but Namco, and decided to explore the possibilities of the N64 with a delivery of the saga.

Ridge Racer 64 is a great arcade racing game, like before. The graphics were more fluid than in PSX and did not suffer the “tembleque” characteristic of the Sony console, but on the other hand, the audio quality was significantly reduced by the capacity of the cartridge.

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14. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Rogue Squadron was the first console game that allowed us what we wanted to do since we saw Star Wars for the first time: to pilot an X-Wing.

There were other games before with pilot sections, but this one focused exclusively on getting into the cockpit of the X-Wing, A-Wing or Y-Wing and letting us into great battles of the movies or inspired by them.

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15. Wave Race 64

This game is largely to blame for the obsession with water in video games, both in appearance and in gameplay.

Not only did it look good considering the technical limitations of the console, but the important thing was also that the water behaved exactly as we expected, creating small waves in our path and affecting our piloting.

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So, this was the list of some of the best n64 games of all time, hope you have found your best memorable game in the list.

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