Google lost temporary access to Apple’s ISO enterprise app certificate!

A sudden shock for Google has been just reported when it was known that Google could not use any ISO enterprise app certificate developed by Apple. The reason for this is Google has violated the terms and conditions of the rules made by Apple; for which Apple just like Facebook has declined its distribution of iOS apps to Google.

It has been found that Google had made the same mistake with Facebook too!

This sudden incident has lead Google into high pressure; as most of the important apps with earlier versions of Google like Gmail, Maps, Hangouts and many other pre-release beta apps stopped cooperating.

But what has happened exactly? Apple has reported that Google violated the rules of Apple’s Developer Enterprise App Certificate Program ; By constantly using Apple’s certificate to create internal consumer-facing apps for its staffs. According to Apple, Google only had the permission to use the Program for the purpose of distribution of apps within the App Store and only the employees outside the App Store.

Google has admitted its mistake regarding Apple’s Enterprise App Certificate!

Google said that it was wrong from their part to use Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program outside the terms and conditions. The team has also urged to grant apology from Apple after which the Certificate was restored. Simultaneously, it has also been found that everything is not exactly like before. Apple has permitted to restore only the Internal Corporate Apps; so that the employees of Google cannot access the iOS versions of the apps (like Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, etc.) while the pre-testing sessions. They have even lost the facilities like free foods and shuttle.

Such type of revoke by Apple has been faced by Facebook too.

As Facebook has also violated with the terms and conditions of the App’s use set by Apple. Now Apple has also restricted Facebook’s access from the pretest or pre-launch versions of the Apps; as well as the employee’s facilities to food and shuttle. Even Instagram is also not out of it. Apple’s certain steps are a low warning to all the giant networking teams; not to take any step without seeking the permission or following the terms and conditions set by the Apple team.


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