Apple and “Girls Who Code” Become Partners to Empower Women Coders

Apple and “Girls who code” is taking up necessary steps for empowering women coders.

In an event at San Fransisco for empowering the female coders, the tech-giant Apple and Girls who code,” decided to make a partnership to generate revenues for the female coders in the US.

The tech giant mentioned in their recent blog, “Using the ‘Everyone Can Code’ curriculum, 90,000 girls and ‘Girls Who Code’ club facilitators in all 50 states can learn to use Apple’s easy to learn a programming language, Swift. Swift has supported Hundreds and thousands of apps”.

What is “Girls Who Code”?

Reshma Saujani, a lawyer at the United States with Indian origin; efficiently heads the ‘Girls Who Code’ club, a US-based NGO (a non-profit organization). The club is working dedicatedly to bridge the gap between gender employment in fields of technology. Furthermore, they are working to change the perspective of how the world pictures when they hear the word programmer.

The “Girls Who Code” club acts as a backbone for women in the fields of computer science and technology.

The Vice President of the Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives of Apple Inc. mentioned that “Women have earned the opportunity to have our ideas shape the future. We’re excited to support ‘Girls Who Code’. They empower the girls to be the developers and tech innovators of tomorrow”.

Also, Visitors are allowed to be a part of the 60 different sessions of the “Made By Women’ program, which will be guided by various artists, eminent musicians & photographers, scientists, app developers and many renowned entrepreneurs.

In addition, Apple has decided to promote/highlight apps developed or led by women, on a daily basis; starting from the Women’s Day which is due on 8th of March.

Also, Apple Music has decided to highlight different women visionaries of the music industry; featuring some highly curated playlists and packages from the editor’s choice section.


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