Android Q Leaks: The Things We Know Before Its Release

For the past couple of years, Google has released Developer Preview for the next major version of Android in March. Ahead of that, there are several Android Q leaks confirming several major features.

Android Q Leaks and Hints: What We Know About Latest Android Q

The earlier leaks confirmed a ton of new features. Among those leaked features the most notables are a system-wide dark mode, enhanced accessibility features, upgrades in developers tools and many more. The latest Android Q leaks also confirm the introduction of native facial unlock system and native screen recording features. Updated notification mechanism and WPA3 security standards will also be in Android Q.

XDA Developers Leak and Facial Unlock Feature

Now, this week XDA Developers brought a new leak forward. In they reviewed Android Q parallel to Android Pie. This leak almost sealed that the native facial unlock feature is coming in Android Q. This Android version will contain native support for Face-ID hardware. As you might already know most of the Android phones rely on the front camera for facial unlock. While Apple devices use a dedicated array of sensors for complicated but secure face unlock experience. The leaks of XDA Developers indicate that Android Q will actively check for dedicated facial recognition hardware before providing face-unlock features to a phone.

It is also reported that the Face ID will also require security PIN, password or pattern unlock as a backup option. Android Q’s facial recognition system is not only for screen unlock, but it will also let the users log on to certain apps as well as authorize payments.

Other Leaks

Not only XDA developers but 9to5Google also brought some feature leaks of Android Q to the table. One of those leaks is system-wide native screen recording support in Android Q. This will let users not only screen but also will record system audio along with microphone input.

Alongside face unlock we know about another security feature which is WPA3 support for Wi-Fi. It is also a rumor that there will be a “privacy chip” feature which will notify the users what data is an app using/collecting while running.


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