Amazon’s Sudden Scrap of $2.5 Billion with New York City Raised a Huge Question! Inc’s refused an investment of 2.5 billion dollars. When Jay Carney, the top executive of the Giant e-commerce company; made a phone call to the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo to inform its end of business dealings with the city. This move of Amazon’s Sudden Scrap is something bound in haphazard explanation.

Amazon’s Sudden Scrap of $2.5 Billion | But Why?

It has been a year that the Amazon had a healthy business relationship with the city. Even more than ten thousand people have been benefitted through jobs. Then what happened suddenly that only a couple of phone calls ended such a huge dealing?

It has been reported that New York welcomed the opponent Big Apple plans which blindsided the allies of Amazon. As a result, the Company was not purely welcomed. And everything happened within 48 hours of the decision made by the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bazos. The whole news came from Carney himself.

A further promise by Amazon

Countries like North America, New Jersey, and Atlanta are now facing an excellent opportunity. After this unexpected outcome as Amazon has promised to offer 50, 000 jobs within September. Again in November, there will be a great economic stimulus; when countries like Arlington, Virginia are promised to support with around $7 million.

Is Amazon delivering lies?

Different news channels and media are now raising a question about the false proposal of Amazon; whether it is just delivering false promises about its job offers; or is there truly a reason for scrapping such refusal with New York City. The company is presently among one of the richest ones; which are able to provide more than $9 billion in support to only one country. The reason for such a refusal is raising a question of its identity and validity.

There are no such legal contracts where the city can claim the Giant company about its sudden refusal. Gianaris blamed Amazon saying, “Amazon never showed a willingness to look seriously at the concerns that were raised.”

Such a decision is creating a sense of insecurity on other countries too; which are having current dealings with the company. Whether it is a good fortune for Amazon or not is now a great question.


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