Amazon New Headquarters: New York City and Northern Virginia

Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce companies on the planet, has decided to set up new headquarters in America. The two locations selected are New York City and Arlington in Northern Virginia. The plan is to invest $ 5 billion in both the locations. Also, this venture would create more than 25000 jobs in each location.

Amazon new headquarters
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The location for the new headquarter in New York City is the Long Island City in the neighbourhood of Queens. While, the headquarter in Northern Virginia will be in National Landing, Arlington. Amazon says that these two locations will allow the company to hire a lot of talent. Also, Amazon plans a new Operations Center of Excellence in Nashville apart from the two headquarters. This Center of Excellence will be able to generate close to 5000 jobs.


All these efforts on Amazon’s part lead to a profitable future for both the company and the states. Demographics suggest that the state may be able to generate a tax revenue of more than $ 1 billion in a decade. This is all thanks to the investment by Amazon and the job opportunities it would create in these locations.

Amazon has been repeatedly rated as one of the best companies for customer satisfaction across the globe. They plan to maintain their position and expand the business by hiring talent from various locations. This seems like the main motive of selecting these two places as a location for their new headquarters.

The company is not only known for its e-commerce. It is also at the forefront of developing new technology. Amazon counts as one of the few companies that have reached various milestones in terms of technological advancements in the field of computing and AI. Also, the Amazon Go Store was received with much appreciation as it provides shopping without any waiting lines or cashiers.

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