Telenor and Nokia Conducting 5G Network Trial in Denmark

Nokia Conducting 5G Network Trial in Denmark with Telenor

Norway’s Telenor will conduct a 5G mobile network trial with Nokia in Denmark. Telenor made this announcement this Monday, making this the second recently announced trial by this firm to be conducted with a Huawei Rival.

Who is Telenor?

Telenor is a state-controlled network service provider. They currently have 173 million subscribers across eight countries across Europe and Asia. Ironically, Telenor signed their very first major contract with Huawei way back in 2009. This deal helped Huawei in their global expansion.

What are Nokia and Telenor collaborating about?

Telenor and Nokia are planning to evaluate different technological, functional and commercial 5G solutions not only in Denmark but also all-around Scandinavia. This will help Telenor to grow outside their Scandinavian territory. Nokia claims that they are the largest R&D investor in Europe and have an incomparable portfolio in 5G. They are working with all the major operators to bring 5G to real life as soon as possible. Nokia previously collaborated with Telenor to deploy AirGile 5G ready cloud-native core across eight countries. Nokia is overall excited to define and test concrete 5G use cases. It will ultimately lead to leveraging Nokia’s networking and services capabilities.

According to sources, the trials will support 5G use cases such as robotics control, industrial automation, 5G/LTE dual connectivity and Fixed Wireless Access for high-performance last mile connectivity. The trials will start in the second quarter of 2019. The trials will also verify Telenor Group’s strategy to evolve its cloud infrastructure to support LTE and new 5G based services enhancing cloud deployments.

In addition to its Scandinavian mobile operations, Telenor Group and Nokia have previously announced the deployment of a cloud-native core solution in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Currently, this platform is running more than 60% of data traffic in these operations.


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