10 Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android and iOS

Undoubtedly, Camscanner was an excellent app for document scanning but it was found to have introduced malicious malware that displayed intrusive ads on many Android smartphones. Google has since then, removed the application from the Play Store and you should uninstall it too just in case you haven’t already. Now we do understand that you would be needing some alternatives for CamScanner to get your tasks done. Thus, we have compiled our list of the best Camscanner alternatives in this article we have received.

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CamScanner was truly great and easy to use app for scanning documents. However, it was later discovered that it introduced malicious malware that could display intrusive and unwanted ads on Android smartphones. CamScanner has since then been removed from the Play Store and we recommend you also uninstall the app as a precautionary measure. 

By doing that, you will need an alternative for CamScanner as document scanning is even more important nowadays than it was before. We have done our research to bring you a list of the best CamScanner alternatives that are as convenient to use in this article. We made sure that the mentioned apps here are well-received by users, well-reviewed on the Play Store and created by genuine developers, having no history of shady behavior. Having said that, let’s get started and explore apps that have similar functionality as CamSanner. 

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Best CamScanner Alternatives

In this section, we included 10 alternatives to CamScanner which are not only excellent at scanning, but those which bring popular features of CamScanner, and some of their own. We indeed took care of all platforms, mentioning apps which are available both on Android and iOS. In fact, some of the mentioned apps here don’t put a watermark as CamScanner did with its free version and that is something we appreciate. Having said that, go through this list to find the best CamScanner alternatives for you: 

1. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan Best CamScanner Alternative
Image Courtesy: Adobe

Adobe has made a huge name for itself with its professional software suite. The Adobe Scan app is among the top downloaded apps on the Google Play Store and is one of the best CamScanner alternatives out there. As the app is developed by Adobe, you can be rest assured that it is packed with endless features. First up, you can scan documents, receipts, ID cards, notes, or just about any document with its smart scanner. It has the ability to recognize the type of document you want to scan and it intelligently crops the image, saving both time and effort. This app also has various options that can enhance the image quality of the scanned documents, great for devices without high-resolution cameras. 

Everything aside, the best part about Adobe Scan is OCR or Optical Character Recognition. Besides that, you have the option to export the scanned documents as a JPEG or PDF, just like CamScanner. Adobe Scan doesn’t put a watermark in the scanned files unlike CamScanner, and this is a really neat touch we like. All in all, Adobe Scan is a very useful scanner app that works well without fail. If you are looking up to it as a replacement to CamScanner, Adobe Scan is gonna win your heart.


  • Powerful document scanning
  • Automatic Edge detection and correction
  • OCR is supported
  • Batch scanning options
  • Saving files as JPG and PDF
  • Seamless sharing of files through email and cloud
  • No watermark in the standard app


  • You need to create an account first

2. Scanbot

Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Scanbot is another popular app for scanning documents and creating PDFs on the go. In a way, it’s neck and neck to CamScanner in terms of its features and overall functionality. To start with, Scanbot flawlessly scans documents, whiteboards, receipts, ID cards, and even QR codes. It also has smart edge detection like many other apps here, along with auto-crop functionality which works as good as CamScanner. Apart from that, there is a multi-page scan which is basically like CamSanner’s batch mode, OCR, basic document editing, and annotations. Scanbot can also do something very unique which CamScanner lacked – it can search for files by checking them against a text you entered, using smart OCR. This came in really handy in our testing.

Having said that, the scanned documents can be exported in PDF and JPG formats. If you prefer to upload your files on the cloud, there is seamless integration with many popular cloud services. Essentially, Scanbot is a fantastic Camscanner alternative which brings to the table, everything that you need. Just go with Scanbot and you won’t have to look any further. 


  • Support for OCR
  • Batch scanning available
  • Save and export as JPG and PDF
  • Seamlessly cloud sharing
  • Document annotations
  • No watermarks


  • A bit expensive if you want the premium version

3. Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is Microsoft's Alternative to CamScanner
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft Office Lens is Microsoft’s CamScanner alternative that you can download and use. In fact, Microsoft Office Lens offers great integration with a far better experience if you are invested in Microsoft’s ecosystem already. Office Lens is not just a document scanning app but can let you also scan handwritten notes, diagrams, or whiteboard tables. You can export these documents afterward, straight into Word or Powerpoint documents for further annotations. Apart from this excellent feature, you have all the standard features other apps offer, like auto edge cropping, OCR, ID card scanning, and more. You can also access the scanned documents on the cloud through OneNote or export these documents to your photo gallery or as a PDF file. Summing it up, Microsoft Office Lens is a powerful scanning app and one you could comfortably go for.   


  • Best document scanner if you are a Microsoft Office user
  • Syncs seamlessly with OneNote and/or OneDrive
  • Great edge detection
  • Support for Optical Character Recognition
  • Document annotations and collaborative features
  • No watermark


  • No batch scanning option sadly

4. Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable is a Great CamScanner alternative for iOS users
Image Courtesy: iOS App Store

If you own an iOS device, i.e., an iPad or iPhone, Evernote Scannable is one of the best apps for your document scanning needs. Compared to CamScanner, Evernote Scannable offers similar functionality but with better user experience. First up, you can scan notes, receipts, business cards, and basically any on-paper document with great clarity. It uses a smart edge detection technology to crop the image automatically. Furthermore, you can save these scanned documents in your Photos app or export them as PDF files. There is a cloud integration within the app as well so you can scan a document and send that to your friends or colleague without any hassles. While this app does not have additional functionality like OCR and annotations, Evernote Scannable does all the basics pretty well. Having said all that, you can go for Evernote Scannable if you want a seamless scanning experience, especially on iOS.  


  • Best CamScanner alternative for iPhone and iPad users
  • Batch scanning
  • Smart edge detection
  • Seamlessly file sharing to the cloud
  • Saving scanned documents as an image or PDF
  • No watermark


  • No annotation or OCR support

5. Google Drive

Google Drive can also Scan documents
Image Courtesy: TechRepublic

You may have never known this, but you’d be surprised to know that Google Drive has a built-in document scanner inside the app. You only have to tap the plus button once you are in the app and you can scan documents, receipts, and notes conveniently. Straight up, it’s not as feature-rich as CamScanner or most apps here, but offers a simple scan and upload feature which can get the job done for people looking for a simple scanning app. Google Drive also offers edge detection and cropping functionality with a basic image editor. The reason we choose Google Drive in our list of alternatives to CamScanner is that you will always be relieved that your documents are safe and protected. If you are looking for a straightforward scanning app without the additional bells and whistles of CamSanner, a great alternative is Google Drive.  


  • Simple document scanning
  • Automatic edge detection feature
  • Scanned files can be directly uploaded to Google Drive


  • Not very feature-rich like Camscanner

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6. Notebloc

Notebloc is an amazing CamScanner alternative
Image Courtesy: ask4files.com

Notebloc is a strong contender as a feature-packed CamScanner alternative. Firstly, it lets you scan various types of documents, creating high-quality scanned images. A smart edge detection feature that works pretty well is easily comparable to that in CamScanner. You also have OCR, support for batch scanning, minor document editing, and cloud integration right inside the app. However, Notebloc leaves no watermark on the documents it processes and that is simply great. Many people complain about CamScanner’s large watermark and Notebloc does away with that. So, if you are looking at alternatives to CamScanner without a watermark for branding, Notebloc will be a great pick.   


  • Powerful document scanning
  • Great edge detection
  • Support for OCR
  • Batch scanning functionality
  • Cloud sharing for files
  • No watermark on scanned documents


  • A bit slow while rendering final files

7. TapScanner

Image Courtesy: TapScanner

TapScanner is the next scanner on our list, being pretty reliable and creating crisp documents. We can say that it’s one of the best CamScanner alternatives because it has very powerful post-processing. Unlike other apps, it takes 3 simultaneous photos to create detailed scanned documents. TapScanner also has several filters just like CamScanner, along with the ability to edit images then and there. It can automatically detect borders and intelligently trim images. You also get OCR support, cloud integration and the final document can be exported in multiple formats like PDF, JPG, or PNG. The distinctive feature of TapScanner is the ability to digitally sign your documents, a feature not even in CamScanner. To sum up, if a powerful document scanning app is what you want, go with TapScanner.  


  • Powerful processing and various filters to choose from
  • Automatic edge detection
  • Supports OCR and works pretty well
  • Batch scanning functionality
  • Saving documents as JPG, PNG, or PDF
  • Sign your PDFs digitally
  • Seamless cloud sharing


  • A bit slow sometimes due to heavy post-processing

8. PhotoScan

Photo Scan by Google is Great for scanning old printed photos
Image Courtesy: EverPresent

If you were using CamScanner to scan printed photos then let us point you to PhotoScan. PhotoScan is an innovative app by Google that can scan printed photos while maintaining amazing clarity and accurate colors. It uses Google’s powerful post-processing algorithms for creating a digital photo without losing out any details. Unlike other photo scanners, it doesn’t leave glares or blemishes either. There is also edge detection alongside automatic cropping that is far superior to what CamScanner offered. As we said above, if you are looking for applications that can digitize printed photos, PhotoScan is the only app you need to have.   


  • Best application for scanning photos
  • Maintains ample details and color accuracy
  • Glare-free processing
  • Great edge detection and correction


  • Only suitable for printed photos, not documents

9. Fast Scanner

Image Courtesy: Steemit

Fast Scanner is another amazing alternative to CamScanner. It can not only scan documents ranging from notes but scans multiple pages at once. The app’s post-processing is pretty quick and we were really surprised after seeing the level of details maintained in the scanned documents. Apart from that, there’s edge detection, but it’s average at best and sometimes you may manually have to adjust the borders. You can also share scanned documents directly through email or using cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote, etc. Further, you can save documents in your image gallery as JPEG files or export those as PDFs. All in all, Fast Scanner is a very great app and deserves a spot in our list of the best alternatives to CamScanner.


  • Quick document scanning
  • Automatic edge detection
  • Save as PDF, JPG, and PNG
  • Seamless file sharing to the cloud


  • No support for OCR
  • Does not support batch scanning

10. TurboScan

TurboScan is our last but not the least choice for a camscanner alternative
Image Courtesy: Weebly

Finally, we wrap up with TurboScan, a decent scanner app bringing a host of CamScanner features. Firstly, you can scan documents of various kinds, from printed pages, whiteboards, to notes. It has an interesting sharpening mode which can highly improve the quality of scanned documents. You can get crisp scanned scans that can be exported in formats like PDF, PNG or JPG. You get auto edge detection, multipage batch scanning, and integration with Dropbox. There is also an email integration within this app. The only omission is of OCR functionality, which should be passable for most people. As concluding thoughts, you can choose TurboScan if you want a simple-to-use app for scanning your documents.   


  • Decent option as a document scanner
  • Saves scans as JPG or PDF
  • Seamless sharing of files to the cloud


  • No support for OCR
  • Automatic edge detection doesn’t work properly sometimes

Wrapping up the Best CamScanner Alternatives

So these were of the 10 best CamScanner alternatives you can find today. which are quite powerful work with a similar set of features that CamScanner had to offer. There are some applications which are complete scanner apps by themself while others are good at scanning and seamless sharing or some other extra feature that anyone could prefer. Depending on your requirements, you can pick up the desired app from the list and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. That was all from our side. Do comment down below, which app did you choose and why?


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