8 Best TikTok Alternatives You Should Know About

Over time, TikTok has become the hottest platform for bite-sized video creation and entertainment. TikTok’s name has become analogous to “short video creation”. If you have a taste for exploring such content, it’s quite hard to stay away from such a massive platform. Even after a record-shattering 2 billion downloads, the app is lately facing backlash from various communities, content creators and many others. If you have also felt like you wanted something different and better, we bring you the Best TikTok Alternatives you should know about.

Why are People Looking for TikTok Alternatives?

Despite TikTok’s meteoric rise to fame in a very short time, the app faces a series of sensational accusations raised against it for poor media content regulation and user privacy concerns. From poorly curated content to the company not taking action against copyright infringements, TikTok is even said to not support its creators and taking down content that it feels is against some sensitive social issues like Free Tibet. Moreover, the creators aren’t even informed why their content or even their entire account was taken down. With that being said, a lot of content is posted on Tiktok that is racist, promotes sexism, and needs to be regulated as the app has no filter for its content feed.

TikTok Alternatives as TikTok Gains Backlash

Controversies aside, TikTok also lacks a wide library of soundtracks, filters and video effects which most creators prefer to use. Not to mention, the UI of the app is far beyond intuitive and you can just endlessly be shown random videos through its default autoplay mode. If you are also bothered by shortcomings like these(or some of your own to add on) and want a breath of fresh air, this lineup of the best TikTok alternatives has you fully covered.

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Best Alternatives to TikTok You Should Try

1. Mitron

Mitron is a free app developed in India to rival TikTok. It’s a free video-sharing app and social platform for users to share content online. People using the app can flaunt their innovative videos online with an incredible touch of the Mitron app and a new theme of light humour. Mitron app provides an easy and seamless interface for creating, editing and sharing videos. Not just that, it also allows browsing through a library of top videos all across the globe. Within a few weeks of launch, the app was able to garner more than 50 lakh downloads from the Play Store. Soon though, it faced a policy violation due to which it was removed from the Google Play Store recently. Google’s “spam and minimum functionality” policy stated that the app copied content from other apps (without taking names) without adding any original content or value.

Mitron App is one of the Best India Based TikTok Alternatives
Image Courtesy: IndiaTv News

After some minor updates, Mitron is now back on the Play Store and hopefully won’t be removed again. The Mitron application is also said to be benefiting from the anti-TikTok sentiment in the country. People are looking for Indian alternatives to TikTok and Mitron has banked on this opportunity to garner the much-needed support. However, Mitron has to take care of a few things. First of all, it has to make the user interface refined and bug-free to help people use the app seamlessly. Secondly, the app needs to provide some basic editing tools so that people can easily customise the videos. We all agree that the Indian-made app is making fame on the internet, but it still has a long way to go to give stiff competition to TikTok or become its much-needed alternatives.

2. Dubsmash

Each time we tried our hands on Dubsmash, we came out impressed with the video-sharing platform. It’s got a huge library of trending music, popular sounds, mimicry as well as music clips that make it stand out. In case you weren’t pleased enough with TikTok’s collection of soundtracks, Dubsmash could be the right replacement alternative for you. Moreover, the company keeps on adding new soundtracks and playlists daily, so you always have exciting music to try out.

Dubsmash is one of the oldest apps that can replace TikTok even today
Image Courtesy: Tech Crunch

Though Dubmash may not boast as many effects and filters as TikTok, you can count on it to let you beautify your clips with a nice selection of effects and some really cool professionally-designed filters. It enables its users to create lip-sync videos and dance to their favourite song or famous movie dialogue. The User Interface also felt a touch better and snappier than that of TikTok. Lastly, it’s also integrated with several social networking apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This enables easy sharing of your videos with your friends and loved ones.

3. Bolo Indya

Bolo Indya is a Gurgaon-based vernacular short video creation, discovery, and discussion platform. It supports eight Indian languages at present including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, and Gujarati. The app allows you to make videos on various topics, see others’ videos, and share your videos on third-party platforms to get famous and make your short videos go viral. The app strongly focuses on PM Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Vocal for Local’.

Bolo Indya is an India based alternative to TikTok
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

It is meant for making/sharing videos related to GK, news, entertainment, cooking, and more. The app focusses on a very different concept of short videos and on infotainment rather than entertainment. The fact that it features meaningful videos and offers to entertain and educate people at the same time, set it apart from TikTok where anything and everything goes viral. This very quality makes it different from TikTok as the content on both platforms is different. However, as per the various reviews on Google Play Store, it too has bugs, that can get better with time. The app has around 100,000+ downloads at the time of writing.

4. Roposo

Roposo is not a new app and is out there since quite some time. It is available both on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. It is a relatively old video app that has been developed by a Gurgaon based developer. The core principles of the app as similar to Mitron and Bolo Indya, allowing creators to earn money through the creation of short videos. What differentiates it that it’s not a clear ripoff as Mitron was. Roposo too lets you add various filers, edits, and more to make a fun video, share it with people. Users can use their original audio and create videos, much like the likes of Tiktok.

Image Courtesy: Roposo

Roposo also has various channels (Haha TV, Bhakti, Look Good-Feel Good, Beats) to get entertainment from various genres. The feature that makes it different and worth trying is that it allows users to earn coins. These coins can be transferred to their Paytm wallets, thus, earning real money. The app has over 50 million downloads and rates highly on Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. Roposo is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi & Bengali. Even the UI is pretty neat and clean and we found it easy to use and highly recommend it as one of the best TikTok alternatives.

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5. Likee

Likee (formerly LIKE video) is one of the few video-sharing apps that can make a match with TikTok on most fronts. This makes it one of the valuable TikTok alternatives. Likee also boasts a nice collection of special effects like most other apps so that you can adorn your clips to your heart’s liking. Going beyond effects, the video-sharing app has also got a wide range of filters that can let you design your videos instantly. Whether you wish to add some glamour quotient to your video or want to make the clip look insanely crazy, chances are those filters can fit into your taste.

Likee is gaining popularity and works just like TikTok
Image Courtesy: Next Big Brand

Likee steps up the game in terms of video editing tools and it can give a strong competition to TikTok. One of our favourite features in the app is the all-new makeup and micro-surgery feature that lets you put on attractive makeup in a quick time. Save it for times where you wish to look your absolute best without having a long makeup drill. Not just that, features like the cool 4D magic, superpowers, FaceMagic, hair colour, and fun-loving stickers ensure you always have plenty to experiment with. While Likee doesn’t have a massive community of creators as that of TikTok, it can safely claim to be the best TikTok alternative for iOS, Android, and web due largely to a solid roster of filters, effects, and easy-to-use video editing tools.

6. Vigo Video

Availability: Android, iOS

If we were to pick TikTok alternatives purely based on fun-elements, Vigo Video would comfortably place at the top. The app comes with a beauty camera and lets you play around with a variety of looks. Moreover, with stunning makeup and beauty effects at the disposal, it’s pretty high in terms of raising the beauty quotient. Along with these beautifications, you also get plenty of fun-loving motion stickers to make your clips appear pleasing to the eyes.  In terms of filters and special effects, Vigo Video slightly edges over TikTok. If you prefer to use cool effects to style your videos, Vigo Video is a safe bet.

Vigo Video
Image Courtesy: Exchange4media.com

Aside from creating videos, it also lets you discover and share the latest music which is perfect for the fans who enjoy listening to music. On top of all this, its live mode lets you live stream just like Instagram and Facebook’s offerings. The best part about the app is the monetary benefits you gain if you are popular on it. It features an in-app currency in the form of a flame sign which can be exchanged for real money straight to your bank account. If your video happens to hit the jackpot, you will also win a lot of rewards and cash prizes. Keeping in mind these features, Vigo Video deserves to be called a top-notch alternative app to TikTok.

7. Funimate Video Musical Editor

Funimate is one of the readymade alternatives to TikTok sporting a striking similarity with TikTok. The greatest advantage that TikTok alternative Funimate has is that you can create any style of music video you want. Slow-motion videos, compiling several video clips into one, making video loops and much more, this app has it all. If TikTok seems light to you in terms of video editing, Funimate has the tools to let you style your lip-syncing videos with a bit more flair. The app features a huge music library which grants you access to countless popular songs as well as sound effects which makes it a perfect choice for lip-syncing videos. Depending on your creativity and needs, you can crop your videos to remove unwanted parts, add still images, and even make the most of some glamorous effects to make the clips look stunning.

Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

Coming to user-interface, it also offers a personalized video feed just like TikTok where you can explore all sorts of recommended videos based on your taste. It also features great social media connectivity to several popular video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Facebook, letting you share your masterpiece on to start breaking the internet within no time. Making collaboration videos with your friends is easy with Funimate too. You just have to pick a song you both like and merge the footage into a single clip. To gain access to some of the app’s more advanced options, in-app purchases are required. If you feel the video editor is too tough, Funimate also offers super handy tutorials to help you enhance your video-creation skills.

8. Triller

This app is another one of the TikTok alternatives and makes creating videos simple and quick. It allows you to record a video and the auto-editing algorithm does rest of the work for you. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kevin Hart are known to have used this app to edit their social media videos. The reason for this is the app being easy to use and the navigation menus makes the process less cumbersome. You can unleash your inner artist by expressing yourself through 50 different filters, video drawings and trimming/cutting the videos.

Image Courtesy: Musically.com

The app has great video collaboration features, enabling you to make great videos with your friends. Its file-sharing options, on the other hand, enable you to post videos you created to your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or save them to the camera roll. Note: This is not a networking application as it only allows users to edit their videos, not start a community.

Choosing the Top TikTok Alternatives for Creating Fun-Loving Videos

There you go! These are the highly-rated apps that can be great TikTok alternatives. You can use them to create awesome short videos and explore similar ones. We hope the aforementioned TikTok alternatives intrigue you enough to make you try them if TikTok is something you don’t wish to go for. Do you find some notable names missing from the above lineup? Feel free to let us know.

Let us know which app you liked the best in the comments section below.


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