Why Gamers Might Prefer PCs Moving Forward

We’ve written a fair amount about PC gaming in the past. We’ve touched on some of the best games, how to download certain games to play offline, and how to increase gaming performance on a PC (or laptop) without spending too much. All of these conversations can be valuable to those already using computers for their gaming activity. But every now and then it can be helpful to step back and consider what makes PC gaming worthwhile in the first place. So in the piece, we’re going to discuss a few points regarding why gamers might prefer PCs to consoles, both now and in the future.

Already, PC gaming accounts for a bigger portion of the video game industry than it gets credit for. Major consoles like Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox devices are advertised more heavily, which could give some the impression that PCs are on the fringe. This isn’t the case at all. At the same time though, we have a few reasons to believe that even more gamers might prefer PCs to consoles moving forward.

Gamers Might Prefer PCs

Attractive Prices

To be perfectly clear, gaming PCs — the good ones, at least — are not cheap. A strong PC with all of the accompanying features and accessories that gamers want can easily add up to $800 or more. However, in a certain way the prices of PCs moving forward might actually be more attractive than those of consoles.

For comparison, the PlayStation 5 was recently unveiled, and it sounds as if it will cost about $499. However, this price doesn’t necessarily speak to all of the relevant expenses. PS5 customers will need to purchase various accessories, subscribe to PlayStation’s network via a monthly fee, and likely, in just a few years’ time, buy a new, updated version of the console! In this sense, the initial price, even as high as it is, can be somewhat misleading.

The truth is that PC and console gamers alike can easily end up spending $1000 or more to put together a system and a collection of games. The difference though is that consoles appear destined to continue upgrading, whereas a PC can last for years with occasional add-ons or new features. In a single year, the cost may be similar. But projecting forward for the next five years or so, the PC option may be more affordable.

Slots On The Rise

As popular as PC gaming is, it’s been a while since there was a real reason for gamers to specifically migrate to PCs. You might have to go back to the emergence of MMORPGs for that. Right now though, there’s budding enthusiasm for online casino gaming that could give people a new reason to look to their computers for gaming.

This enthusiasm may not be evident to everyone just yet, but that’s only because casino platforms are currently emerging in a few particular places — such as New Zealand. There, the slots are called pokies, but the experience is nevertheless emblematic of the very best the casino industry has to offer. The country is home to numerous sites full to bursting with games that give slots (or “pokies”) a new name. They do so, essentially, by employing quality that people aren’t used to in casino gaming. Rather than resembling the online slots of yesteryear — bland animations with boring, repetitive symbols — pokies like the ones that have so thoroughly established themselves in New Zealand are built on beautiful graphics, cinematic interludes, and interesting, engaging concepts. It’s a whole new look for the genre.

Now, to be clear, the the power of a full-fledged gaming PC isn’t needed to make these pokies work. But such power can help to show them off at their best. Most importantly, these new-age slots are just getting started. Already, the New Zealand pokies are part of what appears to be an expanding category, with similar games now popular in Canada, Europe, and even select parts of the U.S. As the games continue to assert their audience, more people may look to PCs as a way to enjoy modern digital casinos.

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Ability To Build

We touched on the aspect of building up a system when talking about prices. But this is really the main perk for PC gamers moving forward. Among the benefits of PC systems, a lot of the ones commonly cited come down to customization — the ability to use different features to enhance graphics, choose a keyboard or controller that suits your needs, and even download mods that allow you to build your own in-game experiences to some degree.

These features are not new. But as games continue to get bigger and more impressive, the customization and building aspects of PCs are only going to be more attractive.



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