The Casual Gamer’s Platform: Popular Browser Games You Can Play Right Now

Very few of us think of our browsers as gaming platforms, but it is a fact nonetheless. Browser games can be accessed from any compatible multi-platform browser such as Chrome or Opera, irrespective of whether the browser is running on a Linux, MacOS or Windows computer. In fact, even modern smartphone browsers can be used to play slots, online casino games, arcade games, strategy games, action games, puzzles and other casual games without a hitch.

From every aspect, there is just no better platform for casual gamers than the modern browser. If you are someone who likes the simplicity of casual games, or the chance to win real money from online slots, we have the perfect list for you next.

Browser Games was released back in 2016 by Steve Howse and made particularly popular by PewDiePie. Inspired by predecessors like and classics such as Nokia Snake, remains one of the most popular browser games to ever be released. is a multiplayer arena where every player gets a simple but customizable worm of their own as soon as they start playing (no signups necessary). Each player will compete with all other players on the server in a bid to eat rainbow pellets and become the largest worm. The most fun and interesting mechanics is its passive aggressive combat!

If a worm bites another, it will be killed instantly, releasing all its consumed mass of rainbow pellets in the worm’s size and shape. All worms will die on biting another, irrespective of how much bigger or smaller they are compared to the one they bit. Any worm on the server can eat the leftover bigger pellets to gain size at a faster rate. The strategy revolves around trying to force other worms to bite the one you are controlling. Size can be used to your advantage by coiling around smaller worms and forcing them to bite. 

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Online Slots

Online gambling games are the most played browser games in South Africa, and pretty much everywhere else where they are accessible. Even within the online gambling genre, slots games have a universal appeal. Some of the more popular slots games in South Africa that you can play right now are Lady of Fortune, Imperial Dragon, Event Horizon, Fortune Mouse, Sabaton, Wacky Wildlife, Win-A-Beest, Lucky Lady Moon, Cash Pig and Fire Joker.

Unfortunately, not every online casino in South Africa is properly licensed, nor do they practice all the Fair Play standards set forth by gambling authorities. To avoid getting cheated, visit Online Casino Reviews and play slots online on only the highest rated, legal internet casinos. All online casinos recommended by them are registered, SSL secured and licensed by recognised gambling commissions. On top of that, the site is a treasure trove of gambling advice for not just online slots, but all online casino games in general.

Celeste Classic

Celeste is now an extremely popular mainstream indie game available on all major platforms, including, Linux, macOS, Windows, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and even Stadia. However, what few people know about this extremely popular 2018 release is that Celeste was originally a PICO-8 browser game first. After the mainstream platformer’s release, this browser-based version has been renamed as Celeste Classic.

Both games are about jumping, swinging, traversing gaps, avoiding traps and ultimately, climbing a mountain. Those that prefer casual games will find Celeste Classic to be a much easier and more accessible game though. Once you have finished your beautiful journey and reached the top, don’t forget to check out Celeste Classic 2, which has only just been released for browsers in 2021.

Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming

So far, we have purposefully left the more complicated browser-based MMORPGs out of this list. They are not exactly casual games and you can find better options in mainstream gaming, if that’s what you are after. However, Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming takes a different approach. Developed by YOOZOO Games and published by GTArcade, Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming sports some of the best ‘graphics’ and ‘animations’ we have yet seen on a browser game.

The game offers itself to semi-casual gamers as a free-to-play, real-time strategy game, with elements of RPG mixed in. It has several licensed elements and characters from both the epic novel series by George R.R. Martin, as well as the hugely popular HBO TV series. You start out as a Lord in Westeros, with a final goal to stop the Seven Kingdoms from fighting each other, unite them and prepare for the necromancer’s winter ahead.

To achieve all that, players will need to build up their own small lordship into a kingdom first. Grow your influence and army to the point where your opinion starts to matter. Players can actually recruit popular characters from the Song of Ice and Fire universe, and they look like actual actors who represented them in the TV show. It can be quite fun, without feeling the pressure of a multiplayer strategy game.

Honorable mentions that did not make it onto the list are RuneScape,, Pokémon Showdown, The Dark Room, and Chronicles of Eidola. They are all well-liked browser games, and you may end up liking some of them too. Give the ones on this list a try first though.


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