How Do Live Casino Games Work

What are live dealer games? Can you really play roulette or blackjack in real-time using just your computer or mobile phone? The answer is yes – you can play gambling games in live mode anytime you want. 

The innovative technology behind this remarkable concept has bridged the gap between land-based and online casinos. Today, live casino games are the preferred choice for gamblers – but few players know how they work. Let’s see the science behind live casino games. 


What Are Live Casino Games?

Live casino games, or live dealer games, are casino tables that use cutting-edge technology and live streaming to deliver gambling entertainment in real-time. 

Live Casinos, a popular website exploring live casino action with live dealers, states that live dealer gambling has been on the rise for the past few years. This rise in popularity is not uncommon, as live games have proved to be a massively entertaining form of gambling, especially when compared to land-based and online games.

Live games are great for players who do not like or lack the time to travel to land-based casinos but are also distrustful of online games. Moreover, experienced players who employ strategies or even count cards prefer live action – and live dealer tables give you that right at home. 

But how do they work? Let’s see the main components of a live casino game. 

Streaming Content and Filming

The main component needed for a live casino game is the camera. Simply put, there would be no chance to see the game and enjoy the experience if you did not have a good camera that records the action at the table. The recording is streamed to online casinos in real-time, so a stable internet connection is paramount both for the technical support and the players. 

In most cases, the software companies developing the games use professional studio environments decorated to accentuate the table and the dealer. Evolution is one of the most famous companies that produce high-quality live games set in lavish studios. 

However, some players lean towards an even more authentic experience. To them, a live studio might seem too sterile of an environment, so they want something a bit more genuine. That is why companies are known to stream their games from studios with several tables at once, which gives the viewers a sense of crowd and buzz. Of course, the closest thing to the real deal is a stream from a real casino. A great example is OTT Andar Bahar, a live game streamed in Full HD from a Sri Lanka casino. Ezugi, a subsidiary of Evolution, owns it. 

Optical Character Recognition

It isn’t enough for a stream to reach your computer and simply play out on the screen. If you want to play table games like blackjack, roulette, or poker, your actions and wagers are an integral part of the experience. If you cannot place a bet, then what is the point of playing such games at all? 

Well, these tables have eliminated any potential problem with placing bets early on. Thanks to Optical Character Recognition, every card that appears on the table is instantly scanned and recognized by the algorithm. OCR encodes and then decodes each character, and the result appears on the screen. That way, your wagers are instantly acknowledged, and if you win in a round, you will get your payout immediately without a hitch. In roulette, the process is slightly different as sensors are embedded into each wheel. These sensors feed data into the server, so there is no delay in payouts. 

Roulette is a game of luck rather than a game of skill. Players have no say in the round except placing bets. But blackjack is different. In blackjack, players have to decide mid-round which action they want to take – Hit, Stand, or Double Down. When you click on the virtual UI on the screen, the servers send the information to the dealers displayed as cues on the camera that the dealers read. That is how they know to deal more cards or move on with other players. 


Another important aspect of live casino gaming is security. Players often worry about fairness and security in gambling. Rigged games, unfair conditions, and scams are just some of the things that cross the mind of an average player. And given how the entire action here happens on camera and not in person, the concern grows only bigger. 

But there is no need to worry about safety at all. All online games, including live dealer tables, use encryption and countless authentication protocols, which are virtually impenetrable by ill-thinking hackers. 

Only you and the dealer know what is in your cards and which direction your round will take. Streams are protected, and not even other players can know how much you wagered and on which option. 


The discrepancy between online RNG games and brick-and-mortar venues is slowly disappearing. Game-making software companies that use live streams, 4K cameras, AI, and state-of-the-art technology are developing a new genre of gambling entertainment – one that’s capable of reconciling and erasing the borders between real and virtual casino gaming. 


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