Google Will Patch Memory Management Problem On Pixel 3

Google to Solve Memory Management Issue with Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 is one of the best phones we have on Android, Google has a lot of personality with respect to other brands, and the truth is that they are working in a very different line from the rest, and this is very noticeable in details such as its unique rear camera and in its design, it does not have radical solutions like almost invisible frames or a huge screen size.

pixel 3 patch

Today we are going to talk about a problem that has both Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL and is that there have been a few problems that have had this range in its short history. Specifically, the problem is memory management, since many users have reported problems since launching many applications open at the same time.

Google always admits its faults and solves them, the great community that has the Google Pixel 3 makes finding and solving errors an easy task many times, and this time the owners of one of these terminals will have a solution to the latest problem of the phones of the great G.

What is the Problem?

This problem with memory means that by having “only” 4GB of RAM, having many applications open at the same time, Android decides to close some of them so that the main application that is running can run without problems.

Google has said that with a security patch will solve this problem, we do not know if during December or January, but the truth is that it seems that they have it controlled. What we do not know how they will solve it, it is possible that the system stops closing apps in the background or that it can only close some concrete ones from that update.

The RAM memory of Google Pixel 3 has been criticized at times, since it has less quantity than the rest of its rivals, but it is also true that when disposing the other RAM terminals to spare, the video game companies do not take care of to optimize a lot the games to be used by smartphones of fewer capacities. This ultimately generates that we have to have phones with 6GB of RAM for a few things, something that also increases the price of the terminal.

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