New Samsung Galaxy S10 series with Steam PC Stream support

As per the latest updates by Samsung, the Galaxy S10 series will be getting the support of Steam PC Streaming; to provide a whole new level of gaming experience.

As per latest reports, Samsung might work in collaboration with Valve the PC gaming giant. So as to incorporate Steam PC streaming Support in their most recent Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

Samsung Galaxy to Work With the PC Gaming Giant

With the support of Steam PC streaming; the users will be able to stream their games on their Samsung S10 device for portable streaming (i.e., streaming on the go). We have already seen that Samsung has worked in collaboration with gaming companies like Epic Games, developer of Fortnite; for launching skins exclusively for their Galaxy Series. Samsung has also previously worked in collaboration with Valve for developments on their customized Steam Link application.

According to a source dedicating to WCCFTech, “If you leave your PC ON at home, you can stream from your PC to Phone. So you can play Steam games on your phones while your PC is ON at home”.

If the reports made by the concerned source is valid, then this will be an innovative update to the world of PC gaming. The addition of the new features to Steam will surely create a wave of excitement in the world of the gamers. This, in turn, will be a smart move from Samsung and Valve to interact with a larger mass of audience.

Earlier Samsung and Valve worked in collaboration to develop their customized Steam app for the Galaxy series; which in comparison with the original Steam app featured a much more user–friendly and convenient interface. The app starts the gaming process only after successfully connecting with a supported gaming controller. Without the supported controller, the user won’t be able to play games directly on their Samsung device; irrespective of the hardware support.

The audience is excited to see how this streaming feature will ultimately be incorporated in reality; and how the drawbacks of carrying a hefty controller for playing games on your S10 device will be removed.


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