Microsoft is Acquiring the Code Sharing Platform GitHub

According to a report by the very much reputed Bloomberg, Microsoft has agreed to acquire GitHub Inc. As many of you may know GitHub is essential for developers. The website allows them to code and collaborate with other developers from all around the world. The deal between Microsoft and GitHub doesn’t come as a surprise as both companies have been in talks on and off. It can be announced as soon as today, according to the people who know the talks between the companies. Furthermore, the numbers for the deal aren’t known as of now. However, the company was valued at 2 Billion US dollars in 2015. The complete information will only be revealed after the deal is made public.


Shedding some light on GitHub’s plans, the company has been trying to find a new CEO for the last nine months. GitHub has not been making profits in spite of the large community of about 27 million software developers. This deal will benefit both GitHub and the tech giant Microsoft which has been increasing its dependency on open-source software. GitHub has lost about $66 million dollars in 2016 which is not a very good figure. The company made a total of $98 million in nine months of the same year. In the recent years, GitHub has become a key part of Microsoft as it is the main platform used for the company’s own software.

Furthermore, companies like Google have been using GitHub to store their code and collaborate as a team. Google also hosts a lot of open-source libraries like Tensor Flow on GitHub. Microsoft has been investing a lot more in in-house development of open-source software with ventures like the Microsoft Garage. This deal would definitely pave a new way for open source software and the community of developers supporting it. But we have to wait and watch when the deal will be made public.

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