Huawei AI Fabric Intelligence presents White Paper

Maybe for the sake of betterment or worse, but digital technology has changed our lives forever. Both Our lives and digital technology are merging all together; Thus, it is adopted as a part of our day to day natural lives; And is accessed and offered to generations as a cloud service.
The network solution brought up by the Huawei AI Fabric Intelligent and Lossless Data Center for the Cloud Data Center Networks applies in many cases; such as distributed storage, HPC, and AI scenarios. Accurate congestion flow identification, dynamic congestion threshold waterline settings. In addition, even the fast backpressure mechanisms are the three innovative technologies; with which the Cloud Engine series data center switches and is used by the digital technology.

In our natural lives, there are driving innovation in the data centers with the requirement to integrate digital technology. Many new levels of performance, scale and reliability are encouraged for the need for change from the infrastructure. According to reports of data analyses; among 2,000 cross-border companies, 67 percent of CEOs have been identified in the digitalization process. As the core of their strategies and are pursuing in that field.

What’s the benefit of white papers launched by Huawei AI Fabric?

White papers by Huawei AI Fabric represent the urgency and the necessity of building an intelligent and lossless data center network. This is done by the seizing AI opportunities which help us to monetize the value of data. Moreover, it also elaborates on the topic of unique technical advantages and the available customer benefits of using an Huawei AI Fabric. It is used to build an intelligent and lossless network; that too with the help of zero packet loss, low latency, and high throughput. This release acts as a valuable reference which is essential for building up the next-generation data center networks.

Upsurge in AI procurement rate

AI intelligence is used from large data generated accounts during digitalization. Many of the industries and companies predict that there will be 86 percent of the AI procurement rate by 2025. Moreover, it helps to make decisions, rebuilding of the customer’s experiences with a driving force; and reshaping of the business models and also ecosystems.

Nowadays, from hard disk drives the storage mediums have been transitioned to solid state drives (SSDs); with the help of which latency has been reduced up to 100 times. Also, the CPUs which are used for data processing have transformed to GPUs or to AI chips. This is having 100 folding computing improved performance. This helps enterprises to quickly implement innovative services such as AI and Internet Plus and also prevents packet loss.


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