How To Create A Night In Vegas In Your Own Home

With high hopes and big plans, 2020 certainly did not turn out the way any of us had originally anticipated. Aside from forcing us to work from home and limiting our contact with others, the pandemic also put a halt to everyone’s travel plans for the year. At the beginning of the year, many of us had envisioned great plans for the year. From a small holiday in a local town or a big trip to another country, it was a year that was originally filled with big plans.

One place that usually welcomes millions of people every year, with visitors travelling from across both the states and the world, is Nevada’s casino heaven, Vegas. In 2019, the city of lights reported that approximately 49.5 million people visited the city last year. It is a city notorious for being extravagant and bright, with many travelling to the city to watch their favourite artist perform, play in one of the many casinos available and stay in one of the world-famous hotels in Sin City.

As restrictions begin to ease and meeting other households indoors becomes a possibility, you may want to consider creating Sin City in your home. Combining the right company with food, entertainment and games, you could enjoy a night in while feeling as those you are spending the night in Vegas.

If you are thinking of bringing Vegas to your home, here are just a handful of things to consider when hosting your night in Sin City for your friends and family.


Send The Perfect Invite

Sending a message in your group chat or messaging those you want to invite is the easiest route to take. However, since this might be the first time that you are all spending time together, it is a great chance to do something to make the evening just that little bit more special. As such, you might want to consider sending themed invitations to the small group you wish to invite.

Luckily, creating a themed invitation is incredibly simple to make. You have the option of either designing your own invitations or choose one of the various online templates available to use. With a Vegas themed party, you may want to send an invite that looks like a playing card or one that mimics the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign that many queue to have a photo with.

Other ideas that would work perfectly for a Vegas themed event include roulette wheels, chips, dice – anything bright and colorful that could represent the vibrant nightlife of this city and the famous Strip.

Dress For The Occasion

Vegas is home to the glitz and glamour, so why not ask your guests to dress for the occasion accordingly. After spending over a year in and out of lockdowns, this would be the perfect chance for your guests to get all dressed up and feel glamourous. Asking your guests to dress how they would for a night in Vegas, adds to the theme of the occasion and helps in creating the perfect atmosphere for the fun evening. Additionally, with everyone dressing up, it will make for some wonderful photos!

Whilst most will choose a black-tie dress code, as host, you can set a dress code that you think matches the Vegas theme or allow your guests to dress in what they feel most comfortable in.

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Drinks At The Ready

Shaken not stirred – all Vegas themed parties should have a matching drinks list. When preparing for your evening, create a drinks list with a mixture of signature cocktails that you can make to serve your guests on their arrival and throughout the night. From classic drinks like margaritas to old fashioned, or even a vodka martini for those acting as Bond for the evening.

Alternatively, you can add a twist to the cocktails by renaming them to match the theme of the evening. Whether it be Poker Face Mojito or a Queen of Hearts Bloody Mary – these classics can also be turned into mocktails to accommodate any of your non-drinking guests.

Head To The (Online) Casino

The key ingredient to creating a Vegas experience at home is having some games and gambling occurring throughout the night. Every year, except for 2020, people flood Nevada to visit the world-famous casinos that stand in the City of Lights.

The rising popularity of online casinos has led to an endless choice of online gambling platforms to choose from. Not only this, the choice of games to play ranges from casino classics such as roulette, poker and slots to new and exciting games that you can not find in a physical casino.

When hosting your Vegas themed event, it is best to select fast withdrawal casinos as they will allow both you and your guests to withdraw your funds immediately. Fortunately, there’s options for a fast withdrawal casino, making it easier to switch between people taking turns playing on the online casinos.

Add Some Glitz And Glamour

When planning your ‘One Night In Vegas’, ensure that there is enough space for game tables and food to be set up, as well as room for guests to mingle. To add to the theme, including some casino decorations and props around the spaces you have set up for guests. These could be giant dice or playing cards, you could even find a replica of the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign online, or if you are feeling crafty, you could create your own sign.

Going a step further, have a playlist of energizing music playing throughout the night. A simple search on any music streaming platform and you are bound to find a Vegas-themed playlist you can play. Naturally, it should include hits from both Elvis and Sinatra but ensure that the playlist is not dedicated to only both artists. Whilst these two are legends of Vegas, songs only played by these two could easily wear on your guests quickly.


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