5 Best Ways for Workplace optimization

In this article, we have curated the 5 Best Ways for Workplace optimization:

  1. Adjust the chair and monitor to sit correctly

Just because you have the best office chair and the monitor doesn’t mean it will solve all your problems. Poor sitting posture can lead to negative consequences — headaches, back, and neck pain, breathing problems, pinched nerves in the shoulders, and jaw pain.

Change the position of your chair and monitor so that you sit straight. If you have the wrong chair in your office, do not spare money to improve it. Poor quality chairs cause fatigue and can even lead to back problems

Workplace optimization

  1. Don’t work at the desk

No matter how well your desktop is organized, sometimes it is worth working not only behind it. By standing up for it, you will already improve your productivity.

When you work in the kitchen, on the couch, or in the break room, you send yourself a signal that it’s time to focus.

 Or try a stand up desk to alternate between your physical activities. Office employees spend the majority of their working time in the usual sitting position. It seems that this is normal, but prolonged stay in a static place over time leads to back pain, rapid fatigue, and, as a result, a decrease in performance.

For an employee to be always in good shape, he needs movement – this is a scientifically proven fact. So why shouldn’t he work standing up for a while or alternate between sitting and standing? It is for this purpose that there are standing desktops that are characterized by ergonomics and high functionality.

  1. Put the pots with the plants

Plants will easily decorate your desk and improve the air in the office. In addition, research shows that employees work 15% more efficiently if there is a flower in their office. Choose a plant-based on the amount of light that comes through the windows of your office. For example, succulents are unpretentious, but they need a lot of suns. If you have poor natural light in your office, it is better to stop at sansevieria.

  1. If your office has no windows, go outside more often

Employees of offices without windows feel much worse than those who work in rooms with natural light. Try to spend a few hours in the sun every day. Daylight is essential for maintaining the biological rhythms that affect your cognitive performance, serotonin production, and digestion. Thanks to the sun, we feel happier and more attentive.

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  1. Put things on the table that you don’t use every day

Try to keep track of what is around you in the workplace. If you can remove the excess, you will feel a noticeable result. On the table, there should be only the most necessary things: a computer, a phone, a notebook, pens and a bottle of water. The rest can be put on the table. If you have a lot of papers, get a unique cabinet for them. Better yet, scan your documents and store them digitally. Nothing slows down productivity, like being surrounded by a lot of paperwork and having to dig through records.



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