5 Trending Research Writing Ideas about iOS System

Apple and its various operating systems bring some interesting ideas to the table. While most other operating systems are suited to a particular platform, Apple has adapted different versions for different devices.

Understanding iOS can go a long way into finding out why people prefer iPhones over other devices. The research topics into iOS are almost endless and can provide a lot of insight. Here are five iOS research topics that you can look into.



How has iOS progressed?

Since its release in 2007, iOS has undergone numerous changes while still staying largely the same. Each time a new iOS device is released, people less familiar with iOS and its UI might not understand the changes that have taken place.

Obviously, there have been numerous software advancements in the last thirteen years, but what exactly have these changes meant for iOS? 

Investigating iOS and how it has progressed and improved over the years may offer insight into why Apple fans have remained loyal to their devices for so long. Studying this progression could also help users of other software see the benefits iOS has to offer.

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How far back can iOS versions be backward compatible?

It is commonly known that Apple discontinues support for later models through software upgrades. It is also widely known that Apple devices tend to be exclusionary and costly. 

Since older versions of iOS lose support, many people find their devices become useless and they are forced to lay out the money to upgrade to continue enjoying their iOS experience.

It might be a difficult path to pursue, but finding out how far back iOS can support may see the revival of some of the more retro devices. Answering these questions might help people develop ways to upgrade unsupported devices and save money in the effort.

Why is it so difficult to get an app for iOS?

Getting an app onto Google Play store and other mobile stores is a simple process requiring a once-off registration fee. The open-source nature of Android software leaves it open for anyone to develop and release apps to the public. However, getting an app to the Apple iStore tends to require endless amounts of trialing and paperwork.

Finding out why it is so difficult to get apps released on iOS may help people understand why the best edu apps for iOS are so expensive. Understanding the quality control processes and exclusivity of app development for iOS might also help developers understand the requirements to create a successful iOS app.

Would Apple benefit from scaling up iOS?

Apple devices cover a wide range, including smartphones, TV boxes, computers and laptops, tablets, and music players. Each device category uses its own software, meaning Apple spends large amounts of money developing specialized software for each platform.

While different platforms and devices can be linked to interact with one another, a large portion of Apple’s customer base does not own more than one Apple device as a result of its elevated cost. 

So, if Apple scales up iOS to be compatible with all their devices, it is possible they could save money in production and reduce the cost of devices. However, would Apple benefit from scaling up iOS and saving the consumer some money or introducing some other innovative schemes.

iOS versus MacOS

Apple prides itself on the ability of all devices to link together in a seamless, user-friendly way. However, different devices use different OS platforms. What are the main differences between these OS platforms and is it really essential to have different platforms for different devices?

In studying iOS versus macOS, you might highlight what each OS offers that is unique to its platform. You may also be able to show consumers why it is important to have different OS software for different devices.

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iOS has been at the forefront of software technology. While iPhone hardware has seen no significant changes since 2011, the software has developed in leaps and bounds. Understanding iOS and what makes it unique can improve people’s perceptions of the brand. 

Researching these ideas and helping the layperson understand niche information could also explain why iOS devices cost more than the average open-source device. Either way, educating people on iOS and its unique traits can lend some insight into the brilliance of Steve Jobs’ mind.


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