Facebook Messenger Update: Now Send 360-degree Photos and HD videos

While there may be tons of instant messaging apps out there, there are still people (1.2 billion to be exact) who use Facebook Messenger. Now, to keep this population from changing the decision, the social media giant has to do something. People always want something more with the latest update of the app. If it is sitting on your phone and using precious resources, it should be worth it. There should be either design changes, an addition of more features, or something else down the line. Needless to say, if you don’t satisfy the masses, then you are out of the race.

Facebook Messenger

The Update:

Facebook seemed to have taken the cue and has decided to add support for HD videos and 360-degree photos. That is to say, the app only supports sending HD videos and 360-degree photos from your library or news feed. You won’t be able to capture any of these from the messenger itself. And, the video quality is limited to 720p HD. The 360-degree photo, however, won’t suffer many problems and the Facebook messenger would enable the recipient to view it as any other 360-degree photo.

The above update has been launched just after the recent update which enabled a user to send high resolution (4K) images. Although a nice move, Facebook seems to have timed it rather incorrectly given the recent data breaches. Also, Facebook isn’t in the lead when it comes to image and video related apps. It is facing constant and tough competition from Snapchat and Instagram. As such, the only way to gain benefits is to adopt an “I am first” policy rather than a “me too” one. If the company only does the same thing which another has already done, then it is really not enough to attract much attention.  Only time will tell if these updates are enough to keep the customers hooked.


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