Exploring the Benefits of Invisible Text

In this modern digital era, inventive minds are always discovering innovative ideas to enhance creativity and fun in their work. One of these innovative ideas is the introduction of invisible text.

Invisible text, as the name suggests, is not visible to the human eye as it is a Unicode character that actually does not display on the screen. These texts also do not appear if they are printed on paper.

They are used for various purposes, including formatting the document, creating unique usernames, etc.

Invisible Text

In this article, we will throw light on some of the benefits you can get by using invisible texts. But before we start discussing that, let us understand the concept of invisible texts a little more.

What are Invisible Texts?

As mentioned above, invisible texts are certain Unicode characters that do not appear on the screen. Although these characters are not readable to the naked human eye but can be detected by machines and search engines.

Invisible texts are of distinct types i.e., zero-width space (ZWSP), non-breaking space (NBP), etc. The following table represents different invisible text and their details:

Unicode characters

These characters are used for various purposes. That ranges from formatting a document to having fun through messages with your friends.

Now, we will discuss the benefits that you can get from using invisible texts.

1. You Can Easily Format Your Documents

Sometimes, while crafting a document, certain lines or words do not fit together due to the writing design used in most of the software. If the required phrases or words are not in the same line, it might look weird to you or your readers. To help it, invisible texts can be used.

Formatting Symbols

To maintain the structure of the paragraph by placing the words of any required line, you can copy and paste invisible texts to arrange it.

For example, in the following image, if you have to keep the word “Death” in the same line as the other quote, you can put in the invisible text:

Example 1

After putting the invisible text, it will look like this…

Example 2

Although this can also be done by just putting in spaces between the text, sometimes one space is not enough to bring the desired results, and multiple spaces are not allowed by various online platforms. For example, if you put double space while writing text in an Instagram post caption or WordPress Editor, any extra space that you will put will disappear as you will post.

Now, in such scenarios, you can utilize invisible text i.e., Unicode characters. You can easily get this invisible character copied on your clipboard from the invisible text tool. Once you have copied, you can use as many spaces as you want. You can use the invisible text in many other fun ways also which we are going to discuss next.

2. You can pick unique usernames in applications and games

Isn’t it annoying when you have a cool username idea that you would like to have in games and applications and then it says, “This username is already taken” or “This username is not allowed”?


Well, you can get rid of that now.

The invisible text can be placed between the characters to make it unique. These characters will only be visible to the platform and not to other users. In this way, you can customize your username just as you want.

This is also helpful to register on websites that only require unique usernames. By putting in the empty text, you can easily register on these sites.   

3. You can use it to send Fun messages to your friends

This is one of the most fun benefits of invisible texts. Who does not like to fool around with friends? One way to do so is by sending empty texts to them.

messages icon

But the problem with this sarcastic trick is that most social media and messaging platforms do not allow an empty text (space) to be sent to other users. Hence, it is almost impossible to pull a prank like this.

Well, it is almost impossible, not impossible.

By having a proper idea of how to use these characters, you can use them to send empty texts on any messaging platform.

But, in this case, with the help of an invisible text tool, you can do that. By copying the invisible character from the tool and pasting it into the text bar, you can easily send empty messages with invisible text to your friends to freak them out.


Invisible texts have been helping people do creative stuff with their writing. These texts are Unicode characters that are hidden from the human eye but readable to computers. By harnessing its features, people can have different benefits like formatting a document, creating unique usernames, and pranking friends by sending them empty messages.


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