22 Best Slack Alternatives – Free and Paid

Email and messaging are the primary medium of communication in the workplace. Big MNCs or industries which have their headquarters or branches in various parts of the world, used to consider the email as the primary and easiest mode of communication. But, as the time the went on moving, the whole business world started to look out or some different messaging and collaboration app which could be quiet far advanced and could serve as the best alternative to email. Slack is such an app which has been recently awarded as the best alternative messaging and collaboration app to email. Before moving onto Slack alternatives, you must know what is Slack and what are its advantages:-

Slack is such a communicative app which helps in the sharing of information within the business groups and teams in a much secured and centralized way. Besides, you can get a lot of fun features and smileys or stickers which makes Slack a quite different and smart from the rigid and straightforward way of emails.

Price for using Slack may be of three types: Free, Standard, and Plus. They may price you up to $15 per month. For small business teams, it could be highly expensive. Besides, there may be some functional gaps in Slack too. Isn’t it better to go for a few tests before finalizing the best and smartest communication mode for your team? Thus, here you can get the information about more than twenty such slack alternatives which may help you out in the same way as Slack. The below apps are also considered as better slack alternatives to email.

1. Fleep

One of the best Slack alternatives is Fleep. Some organizations work over various units both inside and outside the country rather than within one unit. Fleep can help you in communicating with our teams and units efficiently. Moreover, people who are not owning Fleep can also communicate to you through Fleep.


Download from Google Play, Mac app store, iTunes.
Cost: Fleep is a free plan app, but if you want to buy a Business Plan, it may cost up to €5 per user per month.

2. Cisco Spark

In the year 2017, one of the best Slack alternatives was launched which is Cisco Spark. Cisco Spark can be installed in both PCs and Mobiles and is slightly different from Slack. Where Slack is primarily a messaging app and works mainly on sending and receiving messages and images, Cisco Spark is better when it is about communicating to various business branches. Having features like video chats and fast communication system, Cisco Spark is one level smarter than Slack.

Cisco Spark

Download from Google play, iTunes, Official website.
Cost: Cisco Spark is a paid app which costs up to $2,400 per 25 users.

3. Google Hangouts

Being started in the year 2017, Google Hangouts is another best Slack alternative. Google hangout is best for both, type messaging as well as video messaging which is highly useful for workplaces and communication. Besides, it has a lot of instant messaging capability as well. The best part of Google Hangout is if your company is used to work in Google Documents and Drives, then you can easily relate them to other Google Apps through Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts also focuses on video or teleconferencing which his very much helpful for business works.


Download from Google playiTunes, Official website.
Cost: Google Hangout is very cheap when it comes to the price. It is about $5 per user per month.

4. Hive

The list of Slack alternatives contains Hive which is again a useful messaging and collaborating app for business and organizations. The best feature of Hive is that it can put all your business activities like your files, to-do-lists, conversations, etc. in one single page. This makes Hive far more advanced than Slack. Like Google Hangouts, Hive can also go well with Google Documents and Drives.


Download from Google Play, iTunes, Official website.
Cost: Hive can cost up to $12 per user on a monthly basis.

5. Workzone

In the stack of Slack alternatives, Workzone is another one which is capable for activities like emails, sharing files, tracking conversations, providing instant notifications, comments, producing the to-do lists, collaborating among the business teams, payroll support, etc. For so many bast features Workzone is considered as a project management app in the business world.


Download from Google Play , iTunes.
Cost: Workzone starts at approximately $200 for a team of 5 users per month.

6. Workplace by Facebook

The most massive Social Media App Facebook can help you to create groups for sending messages and sharing conversations through live chats among your team. Workplace can be one of the best Slack alternatives which are highly responsive in both mobiles and PCs. Whether being partners of different organization or a team within a single organization, Workplace keeps all your messages confidential and free of messes.


Download from Google Play, iTunes, Official website
Cost: It is free of cost. Hardly it may cost to $3 per month per user.

7. Glip

Glip is again one of the best Slack alternatives launched the year 2017. If you are searching for an app which is not only confined to message sharing, then Glip is the best option for you. Glip has features like sharing and editing tasks of the team, keeping all the activities in the same place, handling to-do-lists, video and live chats and conferencing, maintaining files, notes, etc. Glip’s not just for messaging. Share and edit your team’s tasks, all in one place. Taken from glip.com.

ring central

Download from Google Play , iTunes , Official website
Cost: Glip is a free app. Business plans start at $5-$10 per user per month.

8. Jostle

Being on the top Slack alternatives, Jostle was the first app which revealed that the leading cause of distortion and loss of effects while sharing messages and conversations was a high engagement of the all the members of the organization at the same time. Taking this issue into concern, Jostle created a smart looking and fast interface which can easily collaborate across the units and departments. So they made their interface a lovely thing to look at and a breeze to use. It is also easy to use.


Download from Google Play , iTunes, Official website.
Cost: Jostle can cost up to $8 per month per user.

9. Stride

If you are in search of a complete Slack alternative which is an ultimate solution to communication with free facilities of video conferencing and group chats, then Stride is one of the best choices. It also has automated built-in collaboration tools like Focus Modes (discard the noises during voice chats or video calling), Actions & Decisions (isolating and saving the tasks from conversations).


Download from Google Play, iTunes.
Cost: Basically its a free plan. For the Standard plan, it may cost up to $3 per month per user.

10. Fuze

One of the Slack alternatives which is much more modern and smart in messaging, combining audio and video chats, etc., is Fuze. Fuze helps in boosting the integration of apps in Google Calenders, Box, Microsoft Outlook, Lync, etc.


Download from Google Play , iTunes, Official website
Cost: A Free app. You can buy Pro plan at $20 per user/month and Premium plan at $40 per user/month

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11. Let’s Chat

Let’s Chat is an interesting messaging and collaboration app which is again a Slack alternative. Here there are various series for conversations which is called Rooms. All the chats and conversations are organized in the Rooms, and you can keep every conversation confidential.

lets chat

Download from Google Play , iTunes.
Cost: Let’s Chat is free of cost.

12. Jabber

Jabber is the most straightforward alternative from the pile of Slack alternatives; as it doesn’t have a much prettier or fancy look. Anyways, Jabber is a much reliable and one of the best interface for more prominent business organizations and enterprises. It has all the requirements of a messaging app along with video chat, instant messaging, conferencing, sharing screens, etc. Jabber is a version from Cisco and can be run in Android and iPhones.

cisco jabber

Download from Google Play, iTunes.
Cost: Jabber has three types of plans- Business Essentials plan which costs up to $149 per month, Business Flex plan which costs up to $299 per month, Business Prime plan which costs up to $349 per month.

13. Mattermost

Though Mattermost is slightly different from Slack, yet it can be a tremendous Slack alternative. Mattermost gives you an organized version of the dashboard where the topics can be customized as well. It works well in Android, Linux, Windows and Mac apps.


Download from Google Play, iTunes, Official website.
Cost: Mattermost provides a Team Edition plan which is free. If you want the Enterprise E10 plan, it may cost up to $20 per user for a year and Enterprise E20 up to custom pricing.

14. Kaleo

Kaleo is again a top class Slack Alternative which has an advanced knowledge focussed dashboard. It is excellent when it comes to company works and reading with data. For its advanced knowledge centered capability Kaleo is known as knowledge management software. Users can easily find the information as fast as possible as they need.


Download from Google Play, iTunes, Official website.
Cost: The cost of Kaleo is up to $8 per user per month

15. Samepage

Samepage was launched in 2017 and is again an excellent Slack alternative. Through Samepage, sharing of messages and files get much faster and smoother. Team members can easily collaborate with their to-do lists, comments, projects, documents, etc. Chats and video callings are also possible through Samepage.


Download from Google Play, iTunes, Official website.
Cost: It is again a free app. If you need a Pro plan, it costs up to $10 per user on a monthly basis.

16. Rocket.Chat

Being another Slack alternative Rocket.chat is an organized chat and messaging app where hashtags and channels guide the team discussions. You can use this app free and has a lot of themes and combinations. Rocket.chat is much more advanced than Slack as it has many features which are not in Slack.


Download from Google Play, iTunes, Official website.
Cost: Rocket.chat is free of charge.

17. Ryver

Like Rocket.chat, Ryver is also another Slack alternative which provides you with unlimited options for chats, team collaborations, integrations and free of ads.


Download from Google Play, iTunes, Official website.
Cost: Ryver is too low in its price which is up to $49 for about 12 users per month. Cost for an enterprise plan is up to $399 per month.

18. Skype

The most widely used Slack alternative of just a few years ago where some conferencing, video calling, chats, file sharing, conversations, screen sharing, etc. can be done. Business groups get a great facility from Skype.skype

Download from Google Play , iTunes, Official website.
Cost: Skype is free of charge.

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19. Moxtra

Moxtra is not entirely like Slack, but it can also be regarded as a Slack alternative. It is not precisely a communication app, but a collaboration app. If you want a theme app which is like binders, papers, shelves, etc., then Moxtra is ideal for you.


Download from Google Play, iTunes, Official website.
Cost: Moxtra is a free app, business plans start at $12 per user per month.

20. Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 which was launched in 2017 is again an excellent Slack alternative, and the features are not only confined to sharing of messages but also with the integration of emails, making meeting notes, scheduling calls, video calling, live chats, etc.


Download from Google Play, iTunes, Official website.
Cost: Bitrix 24 is a free plan app. However the plus plan may cost up to $39 per month, Standard plan up to $99 per month, and Professional plan up to $199 per month.

21. Team Tracker App

As the name suggests, Team Tracker is a Slack alternative app which helps you in monitoring the tasks and works of your teammates and field workers. Team tracker app can be run in PCs.

team tracker

Download from Google Play, iTunes, Official website.
Cost: Team tracker costs up to $3 per user in a month.

22. Yammer

Yammer is almost like a Facebook Workplace which can be run in M.S. Office. It is a Slack alternative as well. Yammer helps in the organized management of file sharing, team discussions, etc.


Download from Google Play, iTunes, Official website.
Cost: Yammer is free if you are from educational organizations. If it is for an Enterprise, it will be a Standard plan which is about $3per user for a month. Business plan it costs up to $5 per user per month.

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