14 Best GoPro Alternative Camera Devices

There are so many cameras and video editing software available in the market today, but GoPro is presently one of the leading eponymous action camera and video editing software which has taken almost 70% of the world market. gopro.com. Established in the year 2002 by Nick Woodman, in America, GoPro Inc. has been successfully manufacturing and developing some mobile apps by its own and especially the cameras, and video editing software is extremely advanced and mind-blowing. Before getting started with best GoPro alternative camera devices, you should know how much power is the camera quality of this device.

Starting from the shooting of underwater images, night captures, moving images from and outside of the vehicles, ice pole images any digital photos, GoPro has no comparison. Initially, GoPro only had the feature to shoot videos of HD qualities, but now it has dual mode lenses which can be changed to both DSLR and HD video shoots too. Some of the most popular GoPro models are GoPro Hero7 Black, GoPro Hero6 Black, GoPro Hero5 Black, GoPro HERO (2018), GoPro Fusion, GoPro Karma, GoPro Hero 5 Session, GoPro Hero+ LCD, etc.

Best GoPro Alternative Camera Devices

You can understand how much expensive and demanding this Device can be. For the sake of the passion of the users, many rich technologies have identified the qualities of GoPro and tried to design such devices which can better be used as an alternative to GoPro. Here is the list of 14 such GoPro Alternative Devices with their features:

1. Sony FDR X1000V

The company has always stayed one of the most high-quality technology group which has proved its excellence in its digital cameras and Handycams too. Sony FDR X1000V has been developed in the year 2018 and is one of the best action camera regarded as the High-end GoPro Alternative device.

Sony FDR-X1000V


  • Crystal clear resolution in both video recordings and photoshoots. Best for sports photography.
  • Ability in removing any false color effects.
  • Easy and smooth to capture 170-degree motion pictures.
  • Technology is balanced with a steadiness which helps in avoiding blurs, vibrations, haziness.
  • Availability of features like Moiré and Aliasing.
  • Best budget action camera.

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2. Drift Ghost 4K

One of the most significant launches of 2018 which is soon going to be available in the market is Drift Ghost 4K. It has some best innovative technologies which can easily be a High-end GoPro Alternative Device.

Drift 10-010-00 Ghost 4K Action Camera


  • Advanced drift 4K innovation technique.
  • Provides extended battery life.
  • Connectivity with 4G technology.
  • LCD viewfinder.
  • Easily customizable with a few additional accessories.
  • Best budget action camera.

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3. Garmin Virb Ultra 30

From the aspects of image and video qualities, Garmin Virb Ultra 30 can be best compared to GoPro Alternative devices.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30


  • Touchscreen LCD feature that can be controlled with mobile applications.
  • Control over voice commands.
  • Uses a minimum amount of data.
  • Advanced overlay fitness matrices.

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4. Olympus TG Tracker

One of the best action camera with High-end GoPro alternative technology is Here is Olympus TG Tracker. Olympus TG Tracker is also regarded as the best budget action camera with the following features.

Olympus TG Tracker



  • Best action camera for adventure lovers.
  • A high-quality LCD screen with a size of 1.5” and can be used to snap photos in any positions (tilted or straight).
  • Able to shoot 4K videos at the rate of 30fps where 204-degree angle can also be covered with the full range lenses.
  • Still images clarity up to 8Mega-pixels.
  • Dustproof, freeze-proof, waterproof, crush-proof, shockproof.

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5. Yi 4K Plus Action Camera

When it comes to High-end GoPro Alternative device, Yi 4K Plus Action Camera cannot be missed out as it is among the best budget action camera with the following features.

YI 4K+


  • The only best action camera of 4K resolution which can provide 60fps frame rate.
  • Satisfies the demand for high speed while action recording.
  • Features like slow motion video capturing and image stabilization are available.
  • No need for remote control. The timer can be set for capturing images.
  • Secure connectivity with Smartphones with voice commands.

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6. Drift Ghost X

Though Drift Ghost X is not much advanced like its latest version Drift Ghost 4K, yet, its growing popularity and demand can make it one the best GoPro Alternative Device.

Drift Ghost X


  • Automated video tagging while shooting of videos.
  • Availability of an advanced remote control switch.
  • Huge storage.
  • Expandable memory.

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7. iON Air Pro 3

Another high-end GoPro Alternative device with best action camera features is iON Air Pro 3.

ion camera air pro 3


  • Easy to handle and lightweight.
  • Vibration signal when switched on or off.
  • Easy operating buttons.
  • Can easily connect to Smartphones or tablets via Wi-Fi.

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8. TomTom Bandit

If you are in search of a High-end GoPro alternative device with excellent quality video recording, then you can go for TomTom Bandit.

TomTom Bandit 4k


  • Offers GPS facilities and sensors through which you can actively enhance the video recordings.
  • Designed in a way which is splashproof and waterproof.
  • Secure connectivity to phones via apps.
  • Easy editing features.
  • Provides 4K resolution at 15fps rate and in the case of 1080p, it gives 60fps frame rate.
  • Still image resolution up to 16MP.
  • Extended battery life for about 3-4 hours continuously.

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9. Garmin Virb XE

Garmin Virb XE is one of the versions of Garmin Virb Ultra 30. Though it is not much advanced as Garmin Virb Ultra 30, yet some of its features make it easily comparable to the High-end features of GoPro.

Garmin Virb XE


  • Availability of GPS connections with advanced motion sensors.
  • Body is waterproof.
  • Best action camera with high clarity of 1080p at a speed of 60fps rate.
  • Still image resolution up to 12MP.
  • Extended battery backup for working 2 hours continuously.

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10. Contour +2

One of the best GoPro alternative device with high-quality videos is Contour +2 cams. This is one of the entry-level GoPro alternatives with the following features.

Contour +2


  • Still image resolution with 5MP.
  • Availability of all types of mounting accessories and the camera can be placed in any location for image capture.
  • Easy to shoot 270-degree angle motion pictures.
  • Easy connectivity to Microphones through 3.5 mm audio jack.
  • Availability of 1080p,720p and 960p resolution at various frame rates.

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11. Polaroid Cube+

Polaroid Cube+ is one of the best GoPro alternatives entry-level camera with the best budget.

Polaroid Cube+


  • Able to record videos up to a 124-degree angle.
  • Still image resolution up to 8 MP.
  • Body designed in a waterproof way.
  • Recording ability up to 1440p.
  • Easy to record slow as well as fast motion videos.

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12. Kodak WP1 Sport Camera

If you want one of the best action cameras with high-end GoPro alternatives, then Kodak WP1 Sports Camera is the best option for you. Designed sportingly with advanced features, this camera has the following features.

Kodak PixPro WP1


  • Best action camera to record 360-degree crystal clear image.
  • Lightweight with only 155g.
  • Easy to connect external microphones.
  • Waterproof and shockproof up to 2m.

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13. SJCAM SJ5000

SJCAM SJ5000 is surprisingly designed for beginner level in a way similar to GoPro. Its HD features in camera and video recordings are worth at its budget.



  • Full display with 2” width.
  • Ability to record 170-degree wide angle.
  • 14MP clarity in still resolution images.
  • Allows burst and time-lapse modes which makes it easy to switch.
  • Secure connectivity via Wi-Fi in both Android and iOS devices.
  • Battery life, up to 70 minutes of constant working.

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14. Yi Action Camera

Best budget camera with high-end GoPro alternative device features is Yi Action Camera. It is one of the best action cameras with the following features.

Xiaoyi Yi


  • Still camera resolution at 16MP.
  • Ability to focus 155degrees.
  • Offers 12fps speed for 1080p resolution.
  • Can provide time lapse, times photo and times video.

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