ATOUN MODEL Y | The Newly Launched Powered Wear On Sale

ATOUN develops the new exoskeleton for humans, “ATOUN MODEL Y”. It is obtained by the process of re-examination of the designs. Also, it is controlled by scratch based user feedback of the model that is currently in use. It is proven to reduce weight successfully that to up to 40%. One made of resin along with more compact motors and batteries replaces the earlier present metal frame in it. At the same point of time, numerous efforts were made by the development team to accommodate components that were used. And the assembly process is also simplified to curtail the costs significantly, thus by making the assist of power suiting more affordable and accessible for usage.


Nara, Japan – ATOUN Inc., is a Panasonic group of company which is situated in Nara City. Reports also convey that the two kinds of “powered wear” will be soon showcased in between the dates 8 to 11 in the month of January 2018 at CES 2019, in the area of AI & Robotics which is located at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). Moreover, The Company may expand its sales of products to Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, ST Logistics Pte. Ltd., in the upcoming years.

As after “ATOUN” has started with the domestic sales of “ATOUN MODEL Y” in the year of 2018, July.

It has started to become popular by getting a secured order of 160 units. Thus it was well received by many companies. From different sources and analyst’s reports, it is in the light that from January in the year 2018, the Powered Wear “ATOUN MODEL Y” will be sold openly as it will be going to lead the market. And also create a higher mark on the business market.
The current and earlier models of the company are used at many construction sites, logistic centers, factories, and farms. And keeping all this stuff in mind; ATOUN has made many different types of improvements in accuracy and durability of the recent and newly launched product.

Therefore as a result of this, the freshly launched “ATOUN MODEL Y” is built on a better fit, smoother movement, and even at higher mobility. With “ATOUN MODEL Y” all these new features are put to good use and also the application of this suit in care-giving. A trial will introduce the new “ATOUN MODEL Y” before getting into the Japanese market.


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