Apple iPhone SE Now Selling in the US for $249

Apple iPhone SE Now Selling in the US for $249

Apple restarted the sales of iPhone SE in the online stores of US on 19th January. This might be a step from Apple to sell out all of their stock of iPhone SE. To sell out this 2 years old iPhone Apple have brought the price down quite a lot.

The 32 GB model is now at $249 and the 128GB model is at $299. These phones come with all the same features as the time of 2016. Now let’s have a look at the features of iPhone SE.

Features of iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE comes with the Apple A9 (14 nm) chip. This is a Dual Core 1.84 GHz chip. The screen is a LED-backlit IPS panel of 4.0 inch. This smartphone has a 12-megapixel camera. This smartphone when released came with iOS 9.3.2 but it can be upgraded to iOS 12.1. Amazingly at that time as well the camera was able to shoot at 2160p at 30 fps.

Apple iPhone SE
Courtesy:- Apple

At this current price, the phones are priced $100 and $150 cheaper than their last price when these two phones were pulled out of the market.

Currently, Apple is selling iPhones with a screen size over 4.7-inch. So the re-release of iPhone SE will give small iPhone fans a chance to having 4-inch iPhone in hand.

But the only thing that is not clear right now is that for how long iOS will be supported on A9 chip. The A9 chip is almost 4 years old. It first appeared in iPhone 6S in December 2015.

So who is this phone for?

This iPhone is not for everyone. This is a two years old phone with an older chipset. At this moment at this price people can get a better smartphone. But if you are a huge fan of iPhone and the Apple branding, then this will be a good time for you to buy an iPhone SE. Obviously, if you live in the US.


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