Anti-Hacking Apps: Protect Your Data from Hackers

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Data hacking and identity theft is a major problem from which the whole world is suffering. Your data can be leaked not only through your computer but through your smartphone too. Hackers can hack your data from your mobile phones if you have not secured your mobile devices. If you are thinking of ways on how to stop identity theft and how to protect your data from data breaching, then use these anti-hacking apps to secure your mobile data.

These are the best anti-hacking apps you must have on your smartphones to protect your data from hacking and identity theft.

1. Textsecure Private Messenger

Textsecure Private Messenger

A large number of secured messaging apps are available in app store, but the problem is most of them function only if both parties are using same application for encryption to work.

Textsecure is something different, it works with standard SMS messages too. You can now secure your regular inbox even if the other person you are texting is not using textsecure.

This app is free text securing app developed by open Whisper systems. It is an open source app and supports end-to-end encryption.

Apart from securing on-time private chats when both parties are using this app, its additional feature of securing standard text messages in your inbox makes it different and unique from other message securing apps.

2. Crypt4All Lite (AES)

Crypt4All Lite (AES)

This popular app developed by Codewell4 is an amazing app for encrypting mobile devices. It is used for encryption and decryption of files with 256 bit AES algorithm.

It is used to encrypt your sensitive files before transferring them to online cloud storage. It encrypts your files and stores it on your smartphones.

By encrypting your files with this app only,  you can access and read those files. Others who want to get access to those files will need a Unicode as a password which will be shared by you only if you want to.

3. AppLock


This app is used to protect your personal data. With this app, you can lock your apps like gallery, documents, contacts, Gmail, social media apps, calls, settings and any other App you want to protect from others.

4. Redphone: Private Calls

Redphone: Private Calls

With redphone, you can get end-to-end encryption while calling. It secures your private call in such a way that no one can listen to your conversations. It is easy to use and has simple yet attractive graphic user interface. It uses the standard phone number for making and receiving calls. It is an open source developed by open Whisper systems and is available free on App Store.

5. LastPass Password Manager Premium

LastPass Password Manager Premium

We all know that remembering password for different accounts is a very tough job but to keep your account secure, you have to use different passwords in different accounts.

Just like the password managers for computer where you store all your passwords and keep it secure, for your smartphones, LastPass is one such great Password Manager. It is an effective application which is designed to make the life easier for people and to protect their data from hackers.

With the help of LastPass, you can create unique password, store your online login credentials, and track your personal data and many more. You don’t have to fear about security when you are accessing your private information from any phone or computer if you have secured your data from lastpass.

You have to just remember the unique password of LastPass app, and it will remember all your passwords.

6. K-9 mail

K-9 mail

It is a free secure email encryption application which provides secure email encryption services to your email accounts.

It is an open source application which is distributed under Apache License and provides security in sending and receiving emails from one or more accounts. It supports IMAP IDLE for push messaging. You can download it for free on App Store.


Install these anti-hacking applications to secure your mobile data from hackers and minimize the chances of being a victim of data breaching and identity theft. Take other effective steps to secure your data and keep a regular check on your financial records, and immediately inform your bank if you find something suspicious in your financial records.


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