Amazon Bestsellers List – How Much Can they be Trusted?

With special sales going on in amazon, our primary goal is to buy the best product from amazon. Now, while shopping online, some of us rely on the star ratings, some of us rely on user reviews while some of us might rely on the bestsellers list. Some of you might not know anything about the Amazon bestsellers list. For them here is a brief about that.

What is the Amazon Bestsellers List?

Amazon bestsellers list is a list of most popular products sold by there. According to their claim, amazon updates this list hourly. There are lists for bestsellers books, apps, movies and tv shows, gift accessories, toys, kitchen accessories, and many more. Even there is a dedicated list for amazon launchpad items as well. So you just need to name a category and a bestsellers list is there to help.

A product generally gets to bestseller list if its price is within the budget of a huge number of amazon users and users are getting more than what they have paid for.

As Agatton is purely about tech so I’m going to dive deep into the bestseller list of the electronics department of amazon and will let you know, should you trust this “popular” list to buy quality products or not.

Before starting this post, let me tell you that I have made my research from site, so the bestseller list might vary for other countries.

Headphones department

Photo by Vlad Bagacian from Pexels

I was recently searching for a nice pair of headphones. So I thought I should check out the bestseller list to find out a good pair of headphones and here is what I found.

On the common headphones page, the bestselling headphones are the different colour variants of boAt rockers 255 Sports which are actually wireless earbuds at a very reasonable price (₹ 1,199.00). One of my friends bought these earbuds and they are really nice to listen to. Plus they are comfortable in-ear as well. These Bluetooth earphones boast 4-star rating and some nice reviews on Amazon.

In the over-ear headphone category, we have boAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, which cost ₹1,399.00. I or anyone I know does not have this headphone but its 4.3-star ratings along with the positive reviews make me feel positive about this headphone.


Now I generally don’t like the concept of buying smartphones from the internet, but here I checked out the smartphones category of amazon. The first two smartphones are Redmi Y2 @ ₹7,999.00 and Redmi 6 @ ₹6,999.00 which both are value for money smartphone.

It was interesting to see the variety of Amazon Exclusive smartphones populating the next part of the list. There were the Oneplus 7 and Samsung Galaxy M series smartphones which are really good smartphones. But the existence of Oneplus such high on the list suggests that a product does not always need to be a budget product to be on the bestseller list.

Laptops on Bestsellers List

Alike Smartphones – I also don’t like the concept of buying Laptops online but as laptops are widely reviewed so it might be nice to have a look at the laptops available on the bestsellers list. And here in this list, the scenario is not looking so good. The bestselling laptops on amazon are not that good and their ratings and reviews are not so good. Then you might ask – how they are on the bestsellers list. Here is the point – the laptops listed on the bestseller list have sold more units than the other laptops and that does not necessarily mean that those laptops are awesome.


It is impossible for me alone to check the entire amazon bestsellers list and tell you which list is actually showcasing quality products. So I just tried to give an overview in this post. I would highly recommend anyone to research before buying a product. Don’t just buy it as other people are buying it. In the comment section, I would like to hear about your thoughts about the bestsellers list.


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