10 Best SHAREit Alternatives You Should Know for File Sharing

SHAREit– the most popular file-sharing app has lately been criticized because of its ads, and now people are looking for better alternatives. As the moment you enter the app, there’s a downpour of ads that could agitate you so much that you’ll end up closing the app. The app has also added the video and audio streaming feature defeating the core purpose for which the app was built and leaving users with discontented experience as it drains their data too.

Are you looking for a better alternative?

So, here is a list of all the file-sharing apps that will provide you better interface with a lot of capabilities and features that are enough to impress you and serve the purpose.

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1. Send Anywhere

Price: Free, premium version at $5.99/month 

Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows

Send Anywhere
Source: Nine Sense Archive

Currently, the best app to take SHAREit’s position on your phone is ‘Send Anywhere’. As the app is better in terms of everything, whether it be its capability or efficiency, it won’t make you regret it. The best part of this app that makes it the paragon of the file-sharing apps is its ability to send files in its original size, which is an eminent feature because at times people do have to compromise with the video quality to transfer it to the other device. You can send files to others by creating a secure link on this app that remains valid for 48 hours. This feature enables you to share the same file to multiple people. Plus, you can also secure this app by putting a 6-digit security code that can ensure that nobody barges into the app and avails information about the files you have sent and received. But to provide a fruitful offering to its users through these features, it needs very strong internet connectivity. The free version of the app has a very limited set of features to offer. Whereas, if you want to explore beyond the boundaries, you’ll have to spend $5.99/monthly, which seems to be a pricey deal.

2. Snapdrop

Price: Free

Platforms: Website

Source: Fossbytes

Snapdrop is a well-known online file transferring app that has an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s file-sharing feature- AirDrop. The app has an effortless interface enabling you to transfer files online without facing any complexities. Hence, providing a trouble-free and simplified experience. The app allows you to share files of almost all the sizes and formats enabling users to send anything to the other side without thinking twice. As the app shares file only through an online website, therefore, it requires good internet connectivity. Talking about online security concerned with file sharing, this app is a very reliable platform to share files as it shields your data from getting hacked. So, if you are looking for an online file sharing app, then this app is any day a great alternative for SHAREit.

3. Files by Google

Price: Free

Platforms: Android

Source: Google Play

If you want something like or even better than SHAREit, then go for ‘Files by Google’. It’s an amazing file sharing app and is available on Play Store for free, plus it’s ad-free and bloat-free. This app has a lot of features, like- file organizer, storage cleaner but the best among all its features is its file-sharing capability which ranges from music, documents, videos to apps. With the help of this app, you can share files to your nearby devices without any active internet requirement. The file transferring speed of this app is pretty decent, but the only problem with this app is that it is available only on the Android platform, restricting you from sharing files with PCs and Apple devices.

4. Microsoft’s File Sharing

Price: Free

Platforms: Windows 10

Microsoft file sharing app
Source: Computerworld

Microsoft’s file sharing app is somewhat like Apple’s AirDrop, in terms of its functionality. So, if you have a Windows device, you should use this app as it pairs well with other Windows devices providing you a smooth file-sharing experience at a decent speed and quality. This app is a holy grail for those who don’t trust third-party apps like SHAREit when it comes to file-sharing. But, the only problem with this app and its features is that they are limited to only windows operators.

5. Instashare

Price: 7-day free trial, $6.96

Platforms:  Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows

Source: Beebom

Instashare is another much-loved file sharing app because of the great results it serves. The app is a great substitute for SHAREit as it has a very simple interface that makes filesharing a piece of cake. All you need to do to initiate the file sharing process is just by clicking on the ‘Share’ button and select the file you want to share. Like SHAREit, this app also supports all sorts of files irrespective of what size and format they are in. As a result, it enables you to share whatever you want without being hesitant. Although the app is not free, still it provides you a free trial of 7 days. But if you want to have a hand on this app, you will have to shed off $6.96 from your pocket to continue. If you’re looking for an extraordinarily amazing file sharing app then the app is worth every single penny.

6. Filedrop

Price: Free

Platforms:  Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows

Source: yournoviceappreviewer

Filedrop is a good option in terms of substituting it with SHAREit. The app helps you to make faster transfers over Wi-Fi. It has no restrictions over the file size, you can share whatever you wish, plus it is reliable enough to share files. The interface of this app is very dull and looks outdated but it works fine. As it is not at all buggy and works smoothly on all types of devices. So, you can pick it as it will anyhow serve the purpose.

7. Feem

Price: Free, premium version at $4.99/year

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and web 

Source: Youtube

Feem is the ultimate app if you’re looking for an offline file sharing app. As it provides you a fast and smooth offline file sharing experience. The app has a remarkable performance even when it is dealing with large files. Talking about security, this app won’t let you down as it secures your files by encrypting your local transfer with TLS (Transport Layer Security). Transferring file from this app is completely hassle-free and smooth. The app is free, but to have access to its premium feature you’ll have to pay an amount of $4.99/year.

8. Xender

Price: Free

Platform Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web

Source: www.xenderapp.in

Xender is considered to be one of the biggest rivals of SHAREit as they are usually the first pick by users when it comes to file-sharing apps. The app allows you to share all kinds of files like- documents, videos, photos, apps, and much more, that too without any internet connection. The app has a very organized and aesthetic interface, allowing users to access it without any worries, which makes it a very user-friendly app. Also, this app saves time as you can share the same file with multiple people at the same time. The app provides you the option of various manual languages to select from, ranging from English to Arabic. So, all in all, this app can provide you an ultimate user experience with more proficiency than SHAREit.

9. Zapya

Price: Free

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Web

Source: Twitter

If you think that SHAREit’s capability is not enough for you to send a large pile of files at once, then you should go for ‘Zapya‘. This app can transfer a large pile of files without creating any trouble. On this app, you can transfer all kinds of files like- videos, photos, music, apps, and much more. The transfer from this app becomes even faster through the secure QR code sharing method. The app also allows you to make cross-platform file transfers, i.e. from Mac to Windows or vice-versa. You can also do an offline chat with the nearby people, which comes as a cherry on top. So, if you want to share a big bulk of files in one go then you should have this app. 

10. Treble shot

Price: Free

Platforms: Android

treble shot
Source: Google Play

Treble shot is a file-sharing app that works only in the Android ecosystem. To transfer files from this app all you need to do is to just connect to the network through hotspot and share files. One amazing feature of this app is that you can resume the download without it getting expired. The app has a very simple interface with ad-free functioning allowing users to have smooth access to the app.


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