20 Best Split Screen PC Games to Play

Nowadays, everybody is more intrigued by playing games online with players from around the globe. In any case, there are still gamers who incline toward playing local community games or classic couch co-op games alongside their companions/kids/ others. Split screen PC games are leaving the scene and being substituted by flashy online multiplayer games. Numerous games that offered split-screen modes in past releases have totally expelled the mode in most recent titles.

Nevertheless, there are some awesome split screen PC games that really merit some recognition and consideration. Since Microsoft propelled Xbox Live on the first Xbox, giving the majority the gift of internet gaming from the comfort of the living room.

1. GoldenEye 007

No Bond game previously has ever come close to catching the pleasure of Rare’s N64 shooter, and that’s mostly down to the developmental four-player split-screen deathmatch. This game has a first-rate soundtrack and the weapons aboriginal, the host of modifiers presented the game with a replay.

Download here ($29.10)

Goldeneye 007

2. Halo 3

Following the tremendous accomplishment of Halo 1 and 2 on the original Xbox, and proceeding with the cliff-hanger ending of its antecedent, Bungie’s Halo 3 trained you to ‘Complete the Fight’ against the Covenant, and boy did plenty of you complete it.

Download here ($19.99)

Halo 3

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3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The Call of Duty series is outstanding for its multiplayer activity; however, we figure none are as genuinely noteworthy as COD4’s bounce into the modern age, with tempting gameplay to boot. You won’t discover numerous local multiplayer games that will truly push your aggressive nature as much as COD4 will.

Download here ($19.99)Call of Duty 4

4. Gears of War 1–3

Epic Games’ Gears of War franchise was intended to be played with your mates on the lounge chair. There’s nothing superior to anything bringing down a group of Locust while your mate covers your six and you nail that dynamic reload for significantly more damage.

Download here ($47.74)

Gears of War

5. Borderlands 2

Role-playing-first-person-shooter-loot-’em-up series Borderlands is mischievously addictive.  It is significantly entertaining when you’re chasing vaults as a group, sharing space on your TV in split screen and looting each chest in sight. The second game has better shooting mechanics, much more weapon combinations and more characters to level up.

Download from Steam

Borderlands 2

6. TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2 was Goldeneye with double thumb-sticks and much more inappropriate levels and characters – you could play as an exhausting soldier grunt, obviously, yet you could likewise run wild as a monkey, or an English gentleman with superb mutton chops by the name of Mr. Underwood.

Download here ($66.00)

TimeSplitters 2

7. Super Mario Kart

We truly thought of adding Mario Kart 64 in here – only for that time when your companion pulled off that easy route in Wario Stadium. Looking down a companion on Battle Course 1 as the lights abandon red to green is the nearest encounter we’ll ever get to gazing intently at your friends.

Download here.

Super Mario Kart

8. Awesomenauts

Awesomenauts is a unique interpretation of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre. It conveys platforming and battling games components to the blend, alongside 2D graphics rather than the standard top-to-bottom perspective of MOBAs.

Download here ($9.99)


9. Dirt 3

Experience the most thrilling and energizing race you have ever been a piece of. Dirt 3 is tied in with dashing through extreme climate conditions, be it snow, rain, or simply tidy tempests.

Download here ($2.08)

dirt 3

10. Rock of Ages

The greatest goal of the game is to wreck your opponent’s castle stronghold with a giant stone that you control. In this split screen PC games, both you and your rival control a monster stone and a castle.

Download ($9.99)

Rock of Ages

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11. Transformice

It charges itself as an “MMO platformer” however it’s extremely a game of co-activity, perplexity and insensitivity. A crowd of little mice are toward one side of a screen – you are one of them.

Download from Steam


12. Trine 2

This game has enough fantastical trolls and community physics riddles to legitimize its position. It’s a delightful (if direct) dream platformer with spells and sword-swinging and shield-holding and burglary.

Download from Steam

Trine 2

13. Dawn of War 2

This game is all about a giant man with greater shoulder braces battling enormous rivals with huge weapons. It’s similarly as focused around step up and finding sweeter gearwheel as it is with strategies and micromanagement.

Download from Steam

Dawn of War 2

14. Payday 2

This game is all about right planning, movement and crowd control. Four individuals enthusiastically talk about how you will approach a heist, you split up, somebody fudges it right away and every cop swings up to shoot all of you in the head.

Download from Steam

Payday 2

15. Arma 3

It happens on lovely anecdotal Greek islands. It has a solitary player campaign, yet it’s that island, the vehicles, weapons, and mechanics, and the careful attention to detail, that makes Arma 3 extraordinary.

Download here ($43.14)Arma 3

16. Blur

This game satisfies the hunger for racing while giving you a chance to explode different cars. Blur is more similar to an arcade racer like Mario Kart and offers an energizing multiplayer encounter.

Download here ($47.87)


17. Castle Crashers

In Castle Crashers, hack n cut your way through different levels and crash a few palaces to spare your princess. Collaborate with your friends in up to 4 players multiplayer mode and drop in on all the palace parties in savage style.

Download here ($14.99)

Castle Crashers

18. LEGO Batman 2

LEGO Batman 2 offers a dynamic encounter with split screen PC games where you get the chance to control the marginally diverting LEGO Batman and Robin alongside their superhuman companions from other DC comics. This game is ideal for young gamers.

Download here ($19.99)

LEGO Batman 2

19. Portal 2

Portal 2 is about answering puzzles and experiencing diverse dimensions for tackling each part of the baffle. However, the multiplayer mode in Portal 2 isn’t as intriguing and energizing as the single-player campaign.

Download here ($19.99)

Portal 2

20. Rocket League

When you combine Football (Soccer) with dashing cars and add some rare physics to the blend then you get a flawlessly energizing game called Rocket League. The split-screen involvement in this game is simply great.

Download here ($19.99)

Rocket League

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Finally, consoles were comparable to PCs regarding on the web multiplayer abilities, yet that made developers gradually move their focus far from co-op multiplayer to exclusively online – importance you’d pass up a great opportunity for that sort of experiences where you’d be on the love seat with your best friends playing split screen PC games until 2 am.


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