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What is Cryptocurrency? Everything You Need to Know

Cryptocurrency may sound like a cryptic, otherworldly concept. But, it is actually much more simple than that. With the current hype about Bitcoin and...
hillary vs trump

Hillary vs Trump: A Technological perspective

With one of the most questionable US Presidential Races being held tomorrow, on the eighth of November, we thought we should examine a couple...
Polygons spoon

Innovative Inventions: The Four-in-one measuring ‘Polygons’ spoon

In this era of modern technology where almost everything is computerized and mechanized, shipped hot off the assembly line, you might think that inventions...
Best iPhone 7 cases

Five Best iPhone 7 cases – Stylish and Protective

Wanna buy best iPhone 7 cases? Apple's iPhone 7 is an innovative smartphone. The removal of the audio jack was the revolutionary decision taken by...
Pokemon Sun and Moon

Everything you need to know about ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’

If you are a 90's kid, I bet you were deeply impacted by 'Pokemon' being the cultural phenomenon it was. The Pokemon was first...

Simple Home Automation Technique Using Google Assistant And IFTTT

What is IFTTT? If This Then That. It is a web-based service where users create conditional statements known as Applets. It can be triggered under...

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