100 Best Deez Nuts Joke Setup in 2023

Origin of Deez Nuts

Ah, the iconic shout of “Deez Nuts!” But do you know where it really came from? While the phrase can trace its roots to a Dr. Dre album from the 90s, it was WelvenDaGreat who gave it new life, turning it into the viral sensation we know and chuckle at today. As this meme took the internet by storm, creative minds began crafting their own renditions, molding the joke to fit phrases, movie quotes, and more. So, if you’ve ever stumbled upon a phrase or name and thought, ‘That could totally be a Deez Nuts Joke setup,’ you’re in the right place. Dive in with us as we explore the wacky world of Deez Nuts setups!

Deez Nuts Joke Setup

  1. Justin

    You: Have you heard the latest track by Justin?
    They: Justin who? You: Justin-time to introduce Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: Punchline plays on the word “Justin” sounding like “Just in.”
  2. Greece

    You: Have you ever tried the delicacies from Greece?
    They: No, what are they?
    You: Greec-ing up Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: Plays on the word “Greece” sounding like “Greasing.”
  3. Existentialism

    You: Are you into existentialism?
    They: Existentialism? What’s that?
    You: Exist to know Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: Plays on the term “Existentialism,” emphasizing the “Exist” part.
  4. Cheetah

    You: You know what a cheetah does when it’s hungry?
    They: Hunts?
    You: Cheet-ah lot of Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: Punchline plays on the word “Cheetah” sounding like “Cheet-ah.”
  5. Nightingale

    You: Ever heard the song of the nightingale?
    They: No, why?
    You: Nightin-gale past without noticing Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Nightingale” sounds like “Night-in-gale.”
  6. Pottery

    You: Have you ever molded something in pottery?
    They: Not really.
    You: Pot-ter-y these nuts into shape!
    Explanation: Plays on the word “Pottery” emphasizing “Pot-ter-y.”
  7. Rugby

    You: Are you a fan of rugby?
    They: Sometimes watch it.
    You: Rug-be sure to dodge Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Rugby” is emphasized to sound like “Rug-be.”
  8. Guardians

    You: Do you like the Guardians of the Galaxy?
    They: Yeah, great movie!
    You: Guard these… Nuts!
    Explanation: “Guardians” is truncated to “Guard these.”
  9. Caviar

    You: Do you enjoy caviar?
    They: Sometimes.
    You: Cav-i-are you brave enough for Deez Nuts?
    Explanation: Punchline uses “Caviar” to sound like “Cav-i-are.”
  10. Quantum Physics

    You: Ever dived into quantum physics?
    They: Too complex for me!
    You: Quan-tum closer to Deez Nuts and it’ll be simpler!
    Explanation: The word “Quantum” is broken up to sound like “Quan-tum.”
  11. Ballet

    You: Ever watched a ballet performance?
    They: Occasionally.
    You: Ball-et Deez Nuts perform!
    Explanation: The word “Ballet” is emphasized as “Ball-et.”
  12. Electric

    You: Have you ever felt an electric shock?
    They: Thankfully, no.
    You: Then feel the shock of Electri-king Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Electric” is broken down to sound like “Electri-king.”
  13. Paris

    You: Ever been to Paris?
    They: Not yet.
    You: Pari-sh you’d see Deez Nuts there!
    Explanation: “Paris” is used to sound like “Pari-sh.”
  14. Muffins

    You: Do you like blueberry muffins?
    They: Yes, why?
    You: Muff-in these nuts in your mouth!
    Explanation: “Muffins” becomes “Muff-in.”
  15. Golfing

    You: Do you enjoy golfing?
    They: I’ve tried it.
    You: Golf-in these nuts then!
    Explanation: “Golfing” is emphasized as “Golf-in.”
  16. Chickens

    You: Do you know what chickens lay?
    They: Eggs?
    You: Chick-hen Deez Nuts were laid!
    Explanation: “Chickens” becomes “Chick-hen.”
  17. Chile

    You: Have you ever tried dishes from Chile?
    They: No, are they spicy?
    You: Chil-e these nuts in your mouth!
    Explanation: “Chile” is read as “Chil-e.”
  18. Theatre

    You: Do you enjoy the theatre?
    They: Sometimes.
    You: Thea-trick you into meeting Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Theatre” is broken up as “Thea-trick.”
  19. Falcons

    You: Have you ever seen falcons in flight?
    They: They are majestic!
    You: Fal-con into the trap of Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Falcons” is emphasized as “Fal-con.”
  20. Mexico

    You: Want to visit Mexico sometime?
    They: Sounds fun!
    You: Mexi-co and check Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Mexico” is split up to sound like “Mexi-co.”
  21. Basket

    You: Ever played basket weaving?
    They: That’s an odd game!
    You: Bas-ket these nuts in order!
    Explanation: “Basket” is emphasized as “Bas-ket.”
  22. Pigeons

    You: You know what pigeons do?
    They: What?
    You: Pig-eon Deez Nuts all day!
    Explanation: “Pigeons” sounds like “Pig-eon.”
  23. Surfing

    You: Ever tried surfing?
    They: A few times.
    You: Surf-in the wave of Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Surfing” is emphasized as “Surf-in.”
  24. Titanic

    You: Have you watched Titanic?
    They: Who hasn’t?
    You: Tita-nick Deez Nuts as unsinkable!
    Explanation: “Titanic” becomes “Tita-nick.”
  25. Mathematics

    You: How good are you in mathematics?
    They: Decent, why?
    You: Mathema-tickle Deez Nuts with your knowledge!
    Explanation: “Mathematics” becomes “Mathema-tickle.”
  26. Lemons

    You: Do you like lemons?
    They: Sure.
    You: Lem-on Deez Nuts a bit!
    Explanation: “Lemons” is broken up as “Lem-on.”
  27. Traveling

    You: Are you fond of traveling?
    They: Absolutely!
    You: Trav-el to the world of Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Traveling” becomes “Trav-el.”
  28. Safari

    You: Ever been on a safari?
    They: No, but I’d love to.
    You: Safar-see Deez Nuts in the wild!
    Explanation: “Safari” sounds like “Safar-see.”
  29. Skating

    You: How about ice skating?
    They: I’ve tried!
    You: Skate-in the rink of Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Skating” becomes “Skate-in.”
  30. Spaghetti

    You: Do you like spaghetti?
    They: Of course!
    You: Spaghe-try these nuts for a change!
    Explanation: “Spaghetti” becomes “Spaghe-try.”
  31. Carpentry

    You: Are you good at carpentry?
    They: Never really tried.
    You: Carp-en-tree of Deez Nuts needs work!
    Explanation: “Carpentry” sounds like “Carp-en-tree.”
  32. Karate

    You: Have you trained in karate?
    They: Just the basics.
    You: Kara-teach you the ways of Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Karate” becomes “Kara-teach.”
  33. Australia

    You: Ever been down under to Australia?
    They: Not yet.
    You: Aus-tra-lick Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Australia” is read as “Aus-tra-lick.”
  34. Zebras

    You: Do you find zebras fascinating?
    They: Their stripes are cool.
    You: Zeb-raze Deez Nuts with stripes!
    Explanation: “Zebras” becomes “Zeb-raze.”
  35. Motorcycling

    You: Fancy a bit of motorcycling?
    They: Sounds thrilling!
    You: Motorcy-kling to Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Motorcycling” is read as “Motorcy-kling.”
  36. Tennis

    You: Ever tried tennis?
    They: A couple of times.
    You: Ten-kiss Deez Nuts over the net!
    Explanation: “Tennis” becomes “Ten-kiss.”
  37. Pandas

    You: What do you think about pandas?
    They: They’re adorable!
    You: Pan-drag Deez Nuts around sometimes!
    Explanation: “Pandas” sounds like “Pan-drag.”
  38. Germany

    You: Ever been to Germany?
    They: No, but I’d love to.
    You: Germ-an-see Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Germany” is read as “Germ-an-see.”
  39. Guitar

    You: Can you play the guitar?
    They: Just a few chords.
    You: Gui-taste Deez Nuts in a jam session!
    Explanation: “Guitar” becomes “Gui-taste.”
  40. Elephants

    You: Have you seen elephants up close?
    They: Only at the zoo.
    You: Ele-phantasy of Deez Nuts is wild!
    Explanation: “Elephants” becomes “Ele-phantasy.”
  41. Skiing

    You: Have you tried skiing?
    They: Once or twice.
    You: Ski-zzle on the slopes with Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Skiing” sounds like “Ski-zzle.”
  42. Brazil

    You: Do you like Brazilian music?
    They: Some of it is catchy.
    You: Bra-sizzle with the rhythm of Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Brazil” becomes “Bra-sizzle.”
  43. Crocodile

    You: What do you think about crocodiles?
    They: They’re fierce!
    You: Croco-dial Deez Nuts for a wild time!
    Explanation: “Crocodile” becomes “Croco-dial.”
  44. Yoga

    You: Ever practiced yoga?
    They: I’ve attended a few classes.
    You: Yo-gaze upon Deez Nuts in this pose!
    Explanation: “Yoga” becomes “Yo-gaze.”
  45. Switzerland

    You: Fancy chocolates from Switzerland?
    They: Love them!
    You: Swiss-tangle Deez Nuts in sweet delight!
    Explanation: “Switzerland” becomes “Swiss-tangle.”
  46. Magpies

    You: Do you know about magpies?
    They: Birds that collect shiny things?
    You: Mag-piecing Deez Nuts in their collection!
    Explanation: “Magpies” becomes “Mag-piecing.”
  47. Archery

    You: Do you fancy archery?
    They: It’s interesting.
    You: Arch-ere are Deez Nuts aiming for you!
    Explanation: “Archery” is emphasized as “Arch-ere.”
  48. Spain

    You: Have you visited Spain?
    They: Not yet.
    You: Span-ease Deez Nuts into your travel plans!
    Explanation: “Spain” becomes “Span-ease.”
  49. Cheetahs

    You: Know what’s special about cheetahs?
    They: Fastest land animals!
    You: Chee-touch Deez Nuts and see the speed!
    Explanation: “Cheetahs” sounds like “Chee-touch.”
  50. Painting

    You: Are you into painting?
    They: I dabble.
    You: Paint-ting Deez Nuts in vibrant colors!
    Explanation: “Painting” becomes “Paint-ting.”
  51. Parrots

    You: What do you think about parrots?
    They: Colorful and talkative!
    You: Par-roast Deez Nuts with their mimicry!
    Explanation: “Parrots” sounds like “Par-roast.”
  52. Basketball

    You: Do you watch basketball?
    They: Occasionally.
    You: Basket-ball with Deez Nuts for a game!
    Explanation: “Basketball” is emphasized as “Basket-ball.”
  53. Italy

    You: Fancy Italian cuisine?
    They: Love it!
    You: Ita-lick Deez Nuts like spaghetti!
    Explanation: “Italy” becomes “Ita-lick.”
  54. Kangaroos

    You: Do kangaroos fascinate you?
    They: They jump really high!
    You: Kangar-use Deez Nuts in a fun hop!
    Explanation: “Kangaroos” becomes “Kangar-use.”
  55. Sculpting

    You: Ever tried your hand at sculpting?
    They: Once in an art class.
    You: Sculp-tease Deez Nuts into a masterpiece!
    Explanation: “Sculpting” becomes “Sculp-tease.”
  56. Voldemort

    You: Know who Voldemort is, right?
    They: He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?
    You: Vol-de-more Deez Nuts in your life!
    Explanation: “Voldemort” becomes “Vol-de-more.”
  57. Netflix

    You: Been binge-watching on Netflix?
    They: Of course, any recommendations?
    You: Net-flick Deez Nuts onto your watchlist!
    Explanation: “Netflix” sounds like “Net-flick.”
  58. Inception

    You: Did you understand the ending of “Inception”?
    They: Still confused about it.
    You: In-sept Deez Nuts into the plot twist!
    Explanation: “Inception” becomes “In-sept.”
  59. Breaking Bad

    You: Ever seen “Breaking Bad”?
    They: Yeah, Walter White’s transformation was epic.
    You: Break-in’ Deez Nuts into the meth business!
    Explanation: “Breaking” sounds like “Break-in’.”
  60. Do or Do Not, There’s No Try

    You: Ever heard the phrase, “Do or do not, there’s no try”?
    They: Yeah, Yoda said that.
    You: Do or dough-nut, Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Do not” sounds like “dough-nut.”
  61. Iron Man

    You: Who’s your favorite Avenger?
    They: Probably Iron Man.
    You: Iron-many times Deez Nuts saved the world!
    Explanation: “Iron Man” becomes “Iron-many.”
  62. Star Wars

    You: The Force is strong with you. Ever seen Star Wars?
    They: Several times!
    You: Star-warsn’t it time for Deez Nuts to make an appearance?
    Explanation: “Star Wars” sounds like “Star-warsn’t.”
  63. Stranger Things

    You: Watch “Stranger Things”?
    They: Absolutely! Demogorgons are creepy.
    You: Strange-are things than Deez Nuts in the Upside Down!
    Explanation: “Stranger” becomes “Strange-are.”
  64. Catch you on the flip side

    You: Ever used the phrase “Catch you on the flip side”?
    They: A couple of times, yeah.
    You: Catch you on the flip-slide Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Flip side” becomes “Flip-slide.”
  65. Harry Potter

    You: Ever tried casting a spell like Harry Potter?
    They: Wingardium Leviosa!
    You: Hairy-pot Deez Nuts into magical action!
    Explanation: “Harry Potter” becomes “Hairy-pot.”
  66. Hasta la vista, baby

    You: Remember the line, “Hasta la vista, baby”?
    They: Terminator!
    You: Hasta-la-vista, Deez Nuts too, baby!
    Explanation: Adding “Deez Nuts” for emphasis after the iconic line.
  67. Matrix

    You: Red pill or blue pill from The Matrix?
    They: Red pill.
    You: Mat-tricks Deez Nuts into reality!
    Explanation: “Matrix” sounds like “Mat-tricks.”
  68. Winter is coming

    You: Recognize “Winter is coming”?
    They: Game of Thrones!
    You: Winter is-cumin’ and so are Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Coming” sounds like “cumin’.”
  69. Thor

    You: Mjolnir or Stormbreaker for Thor?
    They: Mjolnir, the classic.
    You: Thor-oughly impressed by Deez Nuts’ power!
    Explanation: “Thor” becomes part of “Thor-oughly.”
  70. May the odds be ever in your favor

    You: Recall, “May the odds be ever in your favor”?
    They: Hunger Games!
    You: May the odds be in favor of Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: Adding “Deez Nuts” to play on the original phrase.
  71. The Crown

    You: Ever seen “The Crown” on Netflix?
    They: It’s on my list.
    You: The-crown Deez Nuts as the real jewel!
    Explanation: “The Crown” sounds like “The-crown.”
  72. Darth Vader

    You: Know who Luke’s father is?
    They: Darth Vader!
    You: Darth-raid Deez Nuts from the dark side!
    Explanation: “Darth Vader” sounds like “Darth-raid.”
  73. Live long and prosper

    You: Recognize “Live long and prosper”?
    They: Star Trek, Spock’s line.
    You: Live long and prop-Deez Nuts up to the stars!
    Explanation: “Prosper” becomes “prop-Deez.”
  74. Money Heist

    You: Enjoyed “Money Heist”?
    They: Bella Ciao!
    You: Money-heist Deez Nuts for a royal mint!
    Explanation: “Money Heist” becomes “Money-heist.”
  75. I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

    You: Ever said, “I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”?
    They: Dorothy in Wizard of Oz!
    You: I have a feeling we’re knot-in Kansas, but in Deez Nuts’ land!
    Explanation: “Not in Kansas” sounds like “knot-in Kansas.”
  76. Keep calm and carry on

    You: Ever heard the saying, “Keep calm and carry on”?
    They: Yeah, it’s quite popular.
    You: Keep calm and carry-on with Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: Building upon the original phrase to introduce “Deez Nuts.”
  77. Beyoncé

    You: Are you a fan of Beyoncé?
    They: Totally, love her songs!
    You: Bey-on-say Deez Nuts are pretty cool too!
    Explanation: “Beyoncé” becomes “Bey-on-say.”
  78. You can’t handle the truth!

    You: Remember the line, “You can’t handle the truth!”?
    They: From A Few Good Men!
    You: You can’t handle Deez Nuts’ truth!
    Explanation: Twisting the iconic movie line for comedic effect.
  79. Eiffel

    You: Have you been to the Eiffel Tower?
    They: Not yet, but it’s on my bucket list!
    You: If-fell for Deez Nuts once I saw them!
    Explanation: “Eiffel” sounds like “If-fell.”
  80. I’ll be back

    You: Can you guess the movie from, “I’ll be back”?
    They: Terminator!
    You: I’ll-be back to show you Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: Using the iconic movie phrase to return with “Deez Nuts.”
  81. Galaxy

    You: Do you believe in life beyond our galaxy?
    They: It’s possible, the universe is vast!
    You: Galax-see Deez Nuts from outer space!
    Explanation: “Galaxy” becomes “Galax-see.”
  82. Life is like a box of chocolates

    You: Know the saying, “Life is like a box of chocolates”?
    They: Forrest Gump!
    You: Life is like a box of choco-lots of Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: Playing on “chocolates” to introduce “Deez Nuts.”
  83. Leonardo

    You: Who painted the Mona Lisa?
    They: Leonardo da Vinci!
    You: Leo-nardo Deez Nuts a masterpiece!
    Explanation: “Leonardo” becomes “Leo-nardo.”
  84. Here’s looking at you, kid

    You: Which film has the line, “Here’s looking at you, kid”?
    They: Casablanca!
    You: Here’s looking at Deez Nuts, champ!
    Explanation: Play on the classic line to give it a fun twist.
  85. Twilight

    You: Team Edward or Team Jacob?
    They: Team Edward for sure!
    You: Twi-light up when you see Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Twilight” becomes “Twi-light.”
  86. May the force be with you

    You: Recognize, “May the force be with you”?
    They: Star Wars!
    You: May the force of Deez Nuts be with you!
    Explanation: Adding Deez Nuts to the iconic phrase.
  87. Serendipity

    You: Do you believe in serendipity?
    They: Yes, happy accidents are real!
    You: Seren-dip Deez Nuts in some good luck!
    Explanation: “Serendipity” becomes “Seren-dip.”
  88. You talking to me?

    You: Can you recall, “You talking to me?”?
    They: Taxi Driver!
    You: You talking to Deez Nuts?
    Explanation: Direct play on the iconic line.
  89. Marvel

    You: Are you a Marvel or DC fan?
    They: Marvel all the way!
    You: Marv-el at the wonder of Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Marvel” sounds like “Marv-el.”
  90. Why so serious?

    You: Remember, “Why so serious?”?
    They: The Joker from The Dark Knight!
    You: Why so curious about Deez Nuts?
    Explanation: Twisting the classic Joker line.
  91. Mosaic

    You: Do you like mosaic art?
    They: It’s beautiful, so intricate.
    You: Mo-say Deez Nuts are a work of art!
    Explanation: “Mosaic” becomes “Mo-say.”
  92. Nobody puts Baby in a corner

    You: Which movie has, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”?
    They: Dirty Dancing!
    You: Nobody puts Deez Nuts in a corner either!
    Explanation: A play on the famous line.
  93. Harmony

    You: Do you believe the world can live in harmony?
    They: One can hope.
    You: Har-moan-y tunes of Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Harmony” sounds like “Har-moan-y.”
  94. I am the king of the world!

    You: Guess the film from, “I am the king of the world!”?
    They: Titanic!
    You: I am the king of Deez Nuts’ world!
    Explanation: Adding a fun twist to the iconic phrase.
  95. Elusive

    You: What do you think is the most elusive thing in life?
    They: Maybe true happiness?
    You: Elu-sieve Deez Nuts if you can!
    Explanation: “Elusive” becomes “Elu-sieve.”
  96. Love means never having to say you’re sorry

    You: Recognize, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”?
    They: From Love Story!
    You: Love means never having to say you’re sorry… for Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: Extending the memorable line with a playful addition.
  97. Symphony

    You: Do you enjoy a good symphony?
    They: Absolutely, classical music is timeless.
    You: Sym-phony a song for Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: “Symphony” becomes “Sym-phony.”
  98. This is the start of a beautiful friendship

    You: Know the line, “This is the start of a beautiful friendship”?
    They: From Casablanca!
    You: This is the start of a beautiful friendship… with Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: Building upon the classic phrase.
  99. Radiance

    You: What do you find radiant in nature?
    They: The sun during sunrise.
    You: Rad-i-ance Deez Nuts shining brightly!
    Explanation: “Radiance” sounds like “Rad-i-ance.”
  100. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

    You: Can you recall, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”?
    They: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet!
    You: A nut by any other name… is still Deez Nuts!
    Explanation: Playing on the poetic line with a humorous twist.

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Final Thoughts

And so, we conclude our journey through the realm of Deez Nuts, a world where iconic lines and cheeky name plays blend in humorous harmony. From WelvenDaGreat’s infectious laugh to your next gathering with friends, keep the tradition alive and the laughter rolling with these classic setups. After all, who doesn’t love a good Deez Nuts joke?

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