100 Funny Volleyball Puns and Jokes for a Smashing Good Time

Welcome to a rally of laughter with our unbeatable volleyball puns! Get ready to serve up some smiles and spike your day with a dose of hilarity. Whether you’re a volleyball enthusiast or just love a good pun, these witty one-liners are set to be a smash hit. Let’s jump into a game where humor scores the most points!

Man holding a Volleyball

Volleyball Puns

Brace yourselves for a volley of puns that will bump up your mood and serve a side of chuckles!

  1. Why was the volleyball team so good at math? Because they knew all about angles and spikes!
  2. What do you call a volleyball team that’s good at landscaping? Net mowers!
  3. How do volleyball players stay in touch? They use their cell-sets.
  4. Why don’t volleyball players ever blame their shoes? They know it’s all about the fault-line!
  5. I tried to play volleyball with a broken wrist, but I just couldn’t handle the serve-ity.
  6. Why did the computer join the volleyball team? To master the hard drive serve!
  7. What’s a ghost’s favorite position in volleyball? The spooker.
  8. Why was the volleyball book so engaging? It had a lot of sets and dramatic spikes.
  9. What do you call an elephant that’s good at volleyball? A volleyphant with an unstoppable trunk hit!
  10. Why did the volleyball player join NASA? To master the moon serve.
  11. A volleyball player’s favorite coffee? De-serve.
  12. Why did the volleyball player cross the road? To get to the other serve.
  13. How do volleyball players stay cool? They stand near the fans.
  14. Why was the moon a terrible volleyball player? It kept causing too many space faults.
  15. Why was the volleyball team so religious? They believed in higher sets.
  16. Why did the tomato turn red during the volleyball game? It saw the salad bowl set.
  17. Why don’t volleyball players use glue? They stick to the net just fine.
  18. What’s a vampire’s favorite volleyball move? The blood spike.
  19. Why did the volleyball player become a gardener? For the love of digs.
  20. Why are volleyball players bad liars? Because they can’t keep a straight face when they spike.
  21. Why did the kangaroo join the volleyball team? For its unbeatable jump serves!
  22. What do you call a volleyball match between Apollo and Athena? A truly divine set-up!
  23. Why did the Eiffel Tower play volleyball? It really knew how to handle net attractions!
  24. What’s a black hole’s favorite volleyball move? The singularity spike – it sucks in the competition!
  25. Why was Shakespeare’s volleyball team so good? They always knew where to set the scene!
  26. How do you know a bicycle plays volleyball? It’s always ready for a cycle-spike!
  27. Why did the octopus win at volleyball? Because it had the best eight-hand serve!
  28. What’s a penguin‘s favorite volleyball position? The ice setter!
  29. Why are comedians bad at volleyball? They always crack up before the serve.
  30. What did the clock do in the volleyball game? It had a great time setting.
  31. Why did the sunflower join the volleyball team? It always turned to face the serve.
  32. How did Einstein play volleyball? With the theory of spike-tivity!
  33. Why are flamingos great at volleyball? They’ve got the perfect balance for one-legged serves!
  34. What do you call a volleyball game in a forest? A tree-mendous match!
  35. Why did the refrigerator join the volleyball team? To keep the serves cool!
  36. What’s a werewolf’s favorite part of volleyball? The full moon serve!
  37. Why did the Lamborghini play volleyball? It was the fastest at serving aces!
  38. What’s Forrest Gump’s favorite volleyball play? The box-of-chocolates serve – you never know what you’re gonna get!
  39. Why do mirrors make great volleyball coaches? They reflect on every play!
  40. What do you call a volleyball game between sharks and dolphins? A fin-tastic competition!

Volleyball Jokes

Get ready for a rally of rib-ticklers with our collection of volleyball jokes that are a sure hit for a laugh

  1. What’s a volleyball player’s favorite kind of party? A spike-ball.
  2. Why are volleyball players bad at basketball? They’re always trying to spike the ball!
  3. How do you know when a volleyball player has been in your kitchen? The flour is sifted, and the eggs are beaten.
  4. What’s a chicken’s favorite position in volleyball? The egg-cellent server.
  5. How do you know if a ghost is good at volleyball? You can never see its serves coming!
  6. Why was the volleyball player a bad golfer? Too many serves into the net.
  7. What do you call a volleyball player who’s good at baseball? A home-run spiker.
  8. What’s a bee’s favorite position in volleyball? The honeycomb hitter!
  9. Why did the volleyball player break up with the football player? Too many fumbles and not enough assists.
  10. Why are volleyball players great at golf? They know how to dig themselves out of the sand trap.
  11. What do volleyball players and librarians have in common? They both know how to handle a good set.
  12. What’s an astronaut’s favorite technique in volleyball? The moonwalk pass!
  13. Why was the volleyball team good at chess? Because they always thought one set ahead.
  14. Why did the volleyball player join the swim team? They wanted to perfect their dive.
  15. What’s a volleyball player’s favorite movie? The Empire Strikes Back.
  16. How does a physicist excel in volleyball? By employing the uncertainty principle – opponents are never sure where the serve will land!
  17. Why did the volleyball player become a pilot? To perfect the high-flying serves.
  18. What’s a volleyball player’s least favorite part of a restaurant? The wait.
  19. Why did the volleyball player join the band? To hit the high notes.
  20. How do you know if a magician plays volleyball? The ball disappears and reappears on the other side of the net!
  21. Why was the vacuum cleaner a great volleyball player? It never lost suction on the serve!
  22. Why did Michael Jackson love volleyball? He was all about the moonwalk serve!
  23. What did the Statue of Liberty say to the volleyball team? ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled spikes yearning to breathe free!’
  24. Why did the submarine play volleyball? To dive for every ball!
  25. How does a cheetah spike the ball? Faster than you can spot it!
  26. What did the sunglasses say at the volleyball match? ‘Looks like I’m here to block more than just the sun!
  27. What do you call a volleyball game between Leonardo da Vinci and Einstein? A match of genius serves!
  28. Why did the comet join the volleyball game? It wanted to star in a smashing serve!
  29. What’s the favorite volleyball move of a Roman gladiator? The Colosseum spike!
  30. Why are porcupines bad at volleyball? They always spike the ball too hard!
  31. Why did the hot air balloon join the volleyball team? It was great at lifting spirits and serves!
  32. What’s Dracula’s least favorite part of volleyball? The spike that comes at dawn!
  33. Why did the whale join the volleyball team? For its killer serves!
  34. How does Tony Stark play volleyball? With an iron serve!
  35. Why did the giraffe love volleyball? It never missed a high set!
  36. What did the owl say to the volleyball team? ‘Who’s serving next?’
  37. Why did the Parthenon start playing volleyball? To show off its classic architectural serve!
  38. Why did the chemist love volleyball? They had a formula for explosive serves and reactive plays
  39. Why did the DJ start playing volleyball? Because they were amazing at mixing up the plays and dropping beats with every serve!
  40. What’s a unicorn’s favorite volleyball technique? The magical rainbow serve!

Funny Volleyball One-Liners

In the court of humor, these volleyball one-liners are aces!

  1. Life is like volleyball: sometimes you have to serve hard!
  2. Volleyball: It’s more than just a sport, it’s a reason to jump!
  3. Serving up some fun – one volleyball game at a time.
  4. Volleyball: The only sport where it’s legal to hit something.
  5. On the volleyball court, love means nothing.
  6. Blocking in volleyball: Because rejection can be thrilling.
  7. A photographer’s volleyball game is all about capturing the ‘snapshot’ serve!
  8. In a chef’s game of volleyball, every serve is a recipe for success!
  9. Jumping in volleyball: Because gravity’s just a suggestion.
  10. Volleyball: Where you can spike like it’s hot.
  11. Serve it, smash it, win it, love it!
  12. Volleyball players don’t age, they just get better at blocking.
  13. Volleyball: Where you can hit something hard without getting a red card.
  14. Every volleyball player’s motto: Dig deep, set high.
  15. Playing volleyball with a kangaroo – now that’s what I call a jump serve!
  16. Volleyball and black holes: both involve getting caught in an irresistible serve!
  17. Why did the sun play volleyball? To serve up some solar flares!
  18. Playing volleyball with Einstein: expect some gravity-defying serves!
  19. When a dragon plays volleyball, every serve is fire!
  20. A volleyball match on the moon: where every leap is a giant spike for mankind!

Final Thoughts

That’s game, set, and match for our playful volley of volleyball jokes! We hope these zingers have left you grinning from ear to ear, proving that laughter truly is the best volley in life. Keep these jokes handy for those days when you need a little extra bounce in your step. Until our next humorous match-up, remember: life’s a lot more fun when you’re ready to serve up a laugh.

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