Top 9 Virtual Team-Building Activities During Quarantine: A Guide to Bonding With Your Remote Team

It’s time to get creative! When you’re quarantined, virtual team-building activities can be crucial because, those days, it’s getting more and more challenging to meet with your teammates in person.

But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Here’s a list of 9 virtual team-building activities you can do during quarantine to keep bonding with the other team members!

Team Building Activities

Easy and Entertaining Team-Building Activities for Remote Teams

Sharing passions and interests can have a real positive effect on remote teams. It opens up communication and helps people feel like they know one another deeper.

Here are some virtual team-building activities that you can do together based on the things you love:

Watch a movie together

Everyone likes a good movie. And if you’re virtual team is looking for some activities to do during quarantine, a virtual movie night is just the thing.

Indeed, organizing a movie night with team members is easy and quick with the help of platforms like Teleparty, which allow you to watch movies or series on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, or Disney, simultaneously with friends and with an open chat!

A piece of advice: Don’t forget snacks! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; it’s all about relaxing and having fun with your virtual team members. But if you want to send a cup of fresh popcorn for every team member, it would set everyone in the mood!

Virtual Book Club

Why not create a virtual book club with your teammates and connect on a conference call to discuss your favorite reads once a month?

A virtual book club could be an excellent opportunity for all your team members to discuss the plot, the characters, their favorite paragraphs, and, at the same time, strengthen their relationships.

Your team can do it through a classic video conferencing platform, such as Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom.

Social Virtual Team-Building ideas to get the conversation going

Because it’s not always easy to free up some talking time with other remote team members, virtual team-building activities can be a great way to get everyone together and share some good stories – but no work talk allowed!

Here are some ideas for you:

Virtual Happy Hours

Happy hours are the cornerstones of office socials! So, a virtual happy hour is pretty much one of the best things that could happen during quarantine if you miss interacting with your team. And you can easily connect through any video call platform and snuggle up with a drink of your choice.

If you want to spruce things up a bit, you can also invite a mixology teacher to your Happy Hour or plan a virtual dance party! We can guarantee your team members will love it!

Virtual Coffee Breaks

You might not imagine how the smell of an arabica can make you feel better, but yes, virtual coffee breaks can do wonders for your team!

Just like virtual happy hours, virtual coffee breaks are a great way to bond with all remote workers during office hours.

You can have everyone connected on one video call if you’re a small team. Or, for larger teams, into smaller groups for more intimate conversations.

Whether you want to kick off the week with a 9 am Monday morning coffee meeting or a mid-week 30-minute break on a Wednesday afternoon, coffee or tea breaks can build team morale remotely to bring remote teams back together.

Fun Remote Team-Building Activities – All Quarantine-tested!

Get on a Virtual Tour with

We all know that by definition, quarantine is the opposite of traveling… But have you ever considered going on some virtual tours?

Hop on a flight and go on a virtual trip to France, Italy, Spain or even India with your whole team as part of an online team-building activity you could set up during quarantine.

Thanks to their unique approach, Woyago is THE specialist that can make any virtual meeting fun and unforgettable.

Pick the destination, and their team will organize the entire virtual event. Local guides take the lead to animate fun games, share incredible stories about their country and invite participants on an authentic cultural journey. A great and original way to reward your team!

Apple, Netflix, IBM, and other major companies have already tried and approved their services, so what are you waiting for?

Learn more about their virtual experiences here.

Virtual Trivia Night

Team trivia is always a blast and it’s perfect for virtual team-building activities.

Not only is this activity fun, but it’s also educational! You can learn new things about general culture and your teammates while sharing some laughs in the process.

If you want to enhance team bonding and collaboration, you can form teams for remote employees to discuss their answers and enjoy victories – and defeats – all together!

Virtual Team building games

Getting together with your team to play some online games is another great virtual team-building activity that quarantined teams can enjoy all together!

Games are not only great as ice breakers, but you’ll also get to know each other better while playing some of your favorite board games together.

There are so many different options when it comes to online team-building games, so you’re sure to find one that everyone will love.

From a virtual bingo to a virtual escape room, from Poker to Scattergories, an online team-building game is perfect for teams who want to get a little competitive with each other in a fun way.

Virtual Team-Building Activities During Quarantine: Our Creative Picks

Because culture can start right at home, it can also be interesting to build up an activity based on creativity!

So, if you’re looking for virtual team-building activities that are a little less conventional, we’ve got some fun and original ideas for you.

Cooking together as a virtual team-building activity

One creative way to help people feel connected can be through food.

Whether you want to learn how to make your favorite dish or master a new recipe, virtual cooking classes are an excellent way for remote teams to bond and connect outside office hours!

And who knows? You might even get inspired by these virtual food experiences and come up with some great work ideas together as a team!

Art class virtual team building

Another fun and hands-on activity is to join an online Art Class.

It could be anything from painting, drawing, or sketching – and it’s a great way for everyone on your virtual team to unleash their creativity.

Contracting an art teacher could be a great way to get the entire team excited about participating, so that not only will you learn new techniques and how to work together as a team, but you’ll also have some beautiful art to show off at the end!

Keeping team members connected while in quarantine is tough. Not only do you need the appropriate tools to help them stay productive, but you also need fun team-building activities to keep them engaged and motivated.

Icebreakers, virtual scavenger hunts and games will help your virtual teams connect better, increase morale, enhance employee engagement, and build better communication.

So, whether you fall for one of Woyago’s unforgettable virtual team-building experiences, online office games, or educative and creative classes, just give it a try and see for yourself the difference it will make!




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