7 Best Webmaster Tools of 2020

For every webmaster, web developer and marketing specialist, there are now many tools to choose from to get things done quickly and efficiently. Many of these are provided free by popular search engines, while others are paid services that offer additional insights. Some tools provide search engine analysis, useful keyword or content information, or other important metrics. All this can help in understanding web performance and making improvements for the future.  

For getting web projects started, building a personalized website has never been easier. With the use of a custom website builder, you can create beautiful websites in less time.

Google Webmaster Tools

Also known as Google Search Console, these are a collection of free tools from Google that align websites with the search engine. The tools ensure that web projects are ready to be crawled and processed for indexing purposes, and they help to rank well in Google searches.

Google Webmaster Tools

The suite includes a Google Index tool that shows the pages’ indexed over time and the pages blocked. Here it is possible to temporarily remove specific pages from search results.

The look of a website in search results can be optimized with the Search Appearance tools. These will help you format websites in the best way for Google. They include a Data Highlighter tool that can select specific content and render it as snippets. Under the HTML Improvements section, you can see if there are any issues with your content.

The Search Traffic section shows what queries are used in relation to a website. You can filter this by metrics that include location, clicks, CTR, and impressions. In this section, you can also see which websites most commonly link back to yours.

If you have any blocked pages or crawl errors, the information is given under the Crawl section. Here you can test your sitemap and robots.txt file, as well as submit your sitemap if you have made changes to your website.

Web Developer Toolbar

This is a browser extension for both Google Chrome and Firefox. It is a useful tool for web developers and SEO specialists, and it is entirely free. It gives control over cookie files and JavaScript, so the internet can be viewed through the eyes of a search bot or a spider.

It is possible to gain access to the structure of a web page and code validation tools. You can also gain browsing anonymity by disabling referrers, use the resize tool to view pages through different viewports and optimize your web page screen capture.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a useful tool for dealing with technical SEO issues. It operates similar to a Google crawler and generates a report on any problems or potential issues. These could include missing page titles, pagination issues, errors in response codes, or bloated HTML. Screaming Frog also efficiently identifies duplicate content, which can be an especially tricky issue with Google.

screaming frog

SE Ranking

This tool provides useful information on the ranking of keywords in search engines. It has excellent functionality and offers SEO solutions on over 80 different parameters. Besides, it includes SERP checks and website audits of 5000 pages. SE Ranking analyzes URLs based on specific keywords in an on-page overview. It is not free, but it is available from just $4.20 per month.

SE Ranking

Google Analytics

This is another free tool from Google that can be integrated with the Google Search Console. It is an easy way to gain useful data that you can use to develop your marketing strategies. This includes organic traffic, sources of traffic, time spent on pages, bounce rate, and page speed. When combined with the Search Console, Google Analytics can provide you with important insights into how users interact with your website.


This is an excellent free tool for finding the best keywords for your site through SEO analysis and local marketing. It has a range of SEO options, such as keyword ranking, backlink check, and link explorer. MOZ makes it easy to look through searches and discover page metrics and social metrics. The tool gives a clearer picture of your website’s position in search engines, so you can take actions to improve your rankings.

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SEMrush Media Poster

SEMrush is a popular marketing platform, and the Media Poster automation tool is a free browser extension aimed at increasing engagement with content. It allows users to easily manage their presence across social media platforms with a single click. You can organize content in tabs, together with your planning and publishing options. There are also analysis tools for website performance and audience engagement.

The popular webmaster tools listed above are designed to cut down the workload and deliver completed web-related tasks faster than before. They help track the performance of websites and specific webpages, analyze markets, and optimize an online presence.


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