Best Tech Events All Around The World | 2019 Re-Loaded

We are living in a world of fast-changing technology. We need to keep ourselves updated with the changing trends. One of the best ways for keeping ourselves updated about the latest technology trends even before the launch; is by attending the famous tech events round the globeTech Events are events where people from different technical backgrounds; assemble to showcase their skills and latest developments.

Several tech-events are organized to bring together all the tech-loving persons under the same roof

Let us get cool information on the biggest Tech Events all around the globe!

1. CES (Consumer Electronics Show)

the event to get the buzz about all the inspiring gadgets and up-coming technologies. 

When you are mentioning about the top tech-events all around the globe, then CES stands tall among them. CES is probably the most celebrated tech event around the globe; where all the technology developers assemble to showcase their skills. The Consumer Technology Association organizes CES in the month of January at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, Nevada, USACES features the demonstration of new pieces of technology before they are released into the market.

Every year CES brings together over 1 lakhs of tech lovers; more than 4000 companies out of which almost 82% of them are in the Fortune 500 categorySeveral start-up companies also showcase their skills in CES.

Official Site – Here

2. Silicon Valley Innovation Summit

the event for the young innovative minds.

Silicon Valley Innovation Summit is a conference for business persons and investors around the globe; for discussing the latest trends in the technology market. It is generally held annually in the month of February at Silicon Valley, California, USA.

The first Silicon Valley summit took place in 2003. This summit features the debate related to the advancements in technology and their needs; among the several business persons and investors as well as several scientists. Silicon Valley Innovation Summit provided the boost to several companies; like Skype, YouTube, Twitter, etc, to become tech giants of today’s cyber world.

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3. Infoshare

cause sharing ideas opens up the portal to endless opportunities.

Similar to CES, Infoshare is the largest tech-event in the Central and Eastern European regions. Infoshare is held every year during the month of May at Gdansk, Poland.

Infoshare brings together over 6000 tech-loving people, over 200 tech speakers, investors, developers, etc.; to enlighten the minds of the people about the latest advancements in technology. Various workshops are held during the event; to motivate and inspire the younger as well as the not-so-younger minds around the globe.

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4. Launch Festival

The event that will give wings to your startups.

Launch Festival is another very popular tech-event in the world. It is held in June in San Francisco, California, USA.  

Launch Festival is primarily for the young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs; who are willing to change the world with their technology. Every year over 40 startup companies showcases their skills to over 10,000 tech-loversThe startup companies compete among each other to prove themselves the best among all. The most unique startup idea grabs the 1St position and receives a huge exposure through media; Above all they get the initial funding to transform their ideas into production.

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5. Mobile World Congress

Cause who doesn’t want a smartphone?

Mobile World Congress is the largest tech-event for the mobile industry. It is held annually in February at Fira de Barcelona, Spain.

Mobile World Congress features different mobile developers and manufacturers; who showcase their latest developments to over 1lakhs of mobile lovers.

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6. EGX Expo

The event Popularly known as “gamer’s paradies”.

EGX expo is the largest gaming conference in the world. It is held in London and features different types of games around the globe.

Different workshops and seminars are there during the event; to enlighten the minds of the people about the latest developments in the gaming industry.

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7. FailCon


FailCon is the event where entrepreneurs, developers, investors, etc.; therefore they can assemble to study and analyze their mistakes; as well as the mistakes made by other potential entrepreneurs.

FAilCon helps the startups which failed to make it up to the production, by suggesting with ways for improvements.

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8. Pwn2Own


Pwn2Own is the event for the hackers around the globe; who hack a given system by analyzing the vulnerabilities present in the system.

This event is important as it helps in the analysis of the weak spots present in a network; and to take necessary precautions to prevent such events in real life. It is generally in the month of March in Vancouver, Canada.

Official Site – Here

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