Should You Encrypt Your Android Phone

Security is a vital factor in all internet-accessible devices, especially your mobile phone. You’ll surely agree with us when we say that it’s safer to live in a house with high-end security features than one that lacks one.

That principle applies to your devices. Encrypting your device enhances safety and security. However, there are essential factors that you need to reconsider before phone encryption. From the frequency of use to the type of protection you prefer. Some may agree that phone encryption secures your data effectively while others find phone encryption way too much. 

Encrypt your Android

Is It A Great Idea To Encrypt Your Phone?

Anyone who wants high-level mobile security then encrypting your phone is a good option. Encryption can come in various forms such as using a password or pin to unlock your device. The security level of a phone that’s been encrypted is far better than a device that doesn’t have any encryption.

While encrypting your phone adds an extra layer of security and privacy, there are several concerns regarding this action. It will affect the performance of your phone, you won’t be able to undo the process, and it’s time-consuming.

There are few ways on how you can protect the data that is being accessed on your phone. You can install an Android VPN, set PIN code, or create a strong password to leverage phone security level. The process ensures phone owners know how secured and safe all the data accessible in the phone.

If you’re using a corporate phone that enables you to access sensitive data, then encryption is a great way to protect all essential details. In case you lose your device, you’ll have peace of mind knowing all secrets are safe.

It’s Convenient

Regardless if your phone is an iOS or an Android, the encryption process is relatively easy. While it can take a few hours, you’ll have confidence that your phone, sensitive data, and personal information are secured.

It Won’t Affect Phone Performance.

With an updated operating system or if you are using the latest android phone, then the encryption process is seamlessly easy. Only older versions are affected by the process.

Enhances Your Security and Privacy

Technology always finds a way to dig deeper into the lives of people and invade their privacy. Your mobile phone can be a key for third-party surveillance, and the best way to stop this is by securing no sensitive data that has leaked beyond your control.

Your Data Might Still Be Access After Resetting Your Phone

Whether you are planning to change your phone or sell it online, deleting all information on your phone doesn’t mean everything is deleted. Several criminals and scammers can find ways to retrieve your files and use them in various illegal methods.

To ensure that your data is safe, it’s best to encrypt all files on the phone and factory reset it afterwards.

It Secures Your Photos

Whether you send or receive intimate, sensitive, or personal photos and are saved on your device, you can be the next victim of blackmailing. The truth is, you don’t need to be famous to be in a situation where someone threatens your privacy.

Your Personal Information Can Be Sold

You might think that hackers and criminals are not interested in your personal information until you become the next victim of identity theft. All the details saved on your mobile device can be used and sold to third party surveillance and groups.

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Factors To Consider Before Phone Encryption

While phone encryption provides an enhanced level of security, there are known setbacks along the process.

It affects the performance of your phone

If you use an older version of an Android phone or think that your phone is slower than usual in performance, the phone encryption is not advisable. However, if you are using the latest model which is already encrypted by default, you’ll never notice the difference in device performance.

It’s a one-way method

You won’t be able to undo the procedure unless you factory reset your device. Weigh your options before doing so and if you think that encryption is what you need, then go for it.

The procedure is time-consuming

Depending on how big the data that needs to be encrypted affects the overall process. It can take an hour, more or less, until the phone is encrypted. What you can do is charge your phone first or have it plugged into the charger to ensure the process is completed.

When you encrypt your Android phone, everything on that device is locked and saved behind your set fingerprint, password, or PIN which only you can access. Without this ‘key’, no one can unlock your device if you lose it.

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Phone encryption is a personal preference, and people who do that are aware of the benefits you can get with tight security measures. However, regardless of how convenient, comfortable, or beneficial a process is, some people may favor it while others won’t. You have to weigh your options when it comes to securing your privacy to ensure your personal information and data are protected.


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