Propel Your Career Forward With CompTIA A+ Certification

Let’s start with the lead. The Computing Technology Industry Association commonly known as CompTIA is a reputed certification provider specializing in vendor-neutral certifications.

For example, the CompTIA A+ certificate is a foundational credential that aims to prove an individual’s expertise in a wide range of areas including operating systems, software, hardware, networking, cloud computing, security, and virtualization. Moreover, the CompTIA A+ certificate holders are employed in some of the world’s top companies such as Intel, HP, Dell, Nissan, and Ricoh.

So, are you interested in seeking a career in one of the world’s top companies? The A+ qualification will help you land the job you want. Furthermore, this article gives a concise outline of this designation and how it can help your career.


What Exactly Is The CompTIA A+ Certification?

In brief, the CompTIA Certifications Exams is an internationally recognized certification that confirms an individual’s ability to perform core technology operations. Generally, it is suitable for individuals aspiring to enter the IT industry. 

Regarding requirements, candidates must successfully complete two appropriate exams, 220-1001 and 220-1002, to gain this certificate and validates key skills which are listed below.

● Identify and configure hardware devices and components

● Install, manage, and support operating systems

● Troubleshoot mobile devices and PC

● Identify and describe networks

● Troubleshoot network and hardware device problems 

● Protect devices and networks from threats

● Install and set up mobile devices

● Apply virtualization & cloud computing

● Follow industry best practices for operational procedures

Am I Eligible For The CompTIA A+ Badge?

CompTIA does not require any specific prerequisites to gain the CompTIA Certifications . However, it is favourable for candidates to have at least one year of practical experience when it comes to passing the accreditation exams.

What Should I Expect In The Every Exam?

As you already know, applicants must pass the CompTIA A+ 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams individually. They are both 90-minute tests consisting of 90 questions each. The peculiarity is that candidates must be prepared to complete drag and drops, multiple-choice, and performance-based tasks. 

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How Will I Benefit From The A+ Certificate?

The CompTIA A+ certification provides several benefits to individuals. First off, it helps individuals to establish a career in the technology area. Since this credential is vendor-neutral, the certified specialist can work for any company. What’s more, CompTIA A+ certified individuals are generally paid salaries that are well above the industry average. 

In more detail, this badge’s holders can work as Service Desk Analysts, Data Support Technicians, Technical Support Specialists, Desktop Support Administrators, and much more. It also forms a solid ground for advancing one’s skills. Thus, after obtaining the A+ credential, candidates can opt for the Network+ badge. Since CompTIA offers a developed Certification Program, the exam-takers can choose among several career pathways they would like to follow. So, the CompTIA A+ designation is just the beginning of an exciting journey.


Therefore, the CompTIA A+ is your doorway to the digital world. What’s because gaining this certification will have a remarkable impact on an individual’s career. It will provide a great foundation for professionals to pursue a career in IT and grow further. Thus, become a CompTIA A+ certified specialist and join the technological revolution.


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