Princess connect Re: Dive guide for the clan battle through LDPlayer

Princess connect Re: Dive is the trending mobile game that belongs to a role-playing category is now diving throughout the world by Cygames. This is a mixed anime game that belongs to the genre RPG. There are so many battles to engage with this game, known as the clan battle. At first, you can try to download princess connect on PC to enjoy the gaming experience. Also, we will introduce you the most suitable android emulator LDPlayer to play this game. There will be a detailed guide to help you better use LDPlayer to play princess connect on PC.

Start Page

Clan battle is the battle where you will challenge the boss monsters along with your team members. These boss monsters are having a massive scale of health, and corporations from all the team members will need to win through this battle. The damage you cause to the boss monster will be useful for each clan’s rankings, and you are going to be rewarded based on that. Rewards will be spread over jewels, memory pieces, and clean coins as well.

So if you want to enjoy the best gaming experience with Princess Connect Re: Dive, your high recommendation is to use the LDPlayer. LDPlayer is the world’s smoothest android emulator for gamers on PC, and this will allow you to play an android game on a pc without any trouble. Why not playing this game from it as well?

So download Princess Connect Re: Dive on your LDPlayer. After it installs to the machines, start the gaming experience to the clan battle as follows.

How to access the Clan Battle?

You can enter into the clan battle by entering the long button at the clan page’s left, or you can use the shield or sword buttons in the quest menu as well. In here, you will see several boss monsters, and once you defeat your current monster, you can move onto the next one. You can even use the tutorial mode to perform this task, and it will not cost you any CP.

Begin Battle Page

In a run, clan battle will cost 300 CP on average, and one stamina will give you one CP. The total number of CP you can earn is 900. Your characters in these clan battles is not allowed to reuse on the same day. But it you will be grant the chance in the tutorial mode.

Clan points

To challenge a boss, you will need 300 CP in every battle, and they can be earned through the main quests. You have to do this procedure on time, and if your times up, you don’t get any CP. After you exceed the maximum number of CP in a day, no stamina will give you the chance to earn CP. The resetting time of the CPs is 5 AM.

Team creation to the Clan Battle

All your units must be in level 10 to join this clan battle. There are many support characters to use, and the player level will count those. Once you use a character in the clan battle, that character cannot be used on the same day for any battle. So you have to earn more heroes from rerolling. Right here, you will need the assistance of LDPlayer.

When choosing characters for this clan battle, you will be benefited by using single-target characters of UB. So, as a result, there will be only one boss monster and no other related monsters for you to deal with. In the gameplay of the clan battle, you may need AoE attackers as well. That is because there was an update of the clan battle in 2019 and a multi-target boss mechanism. You will need more and more heroes to engage with.

Characters list page

You are not going to need any healers at any time because we need them only often. But if your team is going to die before the time, you will need these healers.

How to earn more heroes to engage within the clan battle?

Clan Battle

As we said earlier, you can’t use the same hero in the clan battle on the same day. So more you perform, you are having the urge to more heroes. The only way to earn heroes is the rerolling. But the usual way of rerolling will take a ton of time to make heroes, and once you reach one hero, you have to wait for several times. But with the help of the LDPlayer, everything has become more comfortable.

You can use LDPlayer on your PC to play this game, and then it will then give you a feature to multi-instance sync. These features will let players play the game in several players at one single time. So you can perform the rerolling process from different options at a single time. Suppose you have opened 5 LDPlayer copies. Then you have five chances to earn heroes in the same minute. This process will let the players have the best options to make heroes very quickly, and clan battle will not be any more challenging to phase to anyone.

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LDPlayer will be the greatest option for Princess Connect Re: Dive. It is the free android emulator in the market. You can download and use it directly for free without any interference. Gamers can easily pass the phase, and it is never easy to win a clan battle like this before. This emulator will give you the best support at earning your heroes to the battle, and things are going to be easier to defeat the monsters. When you perform reroll and make more powerful heroes, you will save more time, and now everything is cleared with LDPlayer. Join with this fantastic emulator to make your gaming experience fast and brilliant with excellent features.


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