5 Reasons why the ‘Hype is Real’ for the Nintendo Switch

Your face was a picture of pure joy when you unpacked your first Nintendo 64; your first NES/SNES, and plunged into the world of gaming. The rest you know is history. The Nintendo Switch is that moment you have all been waiting for; it is all of your childhood memories packed into this beautiful piece of hardware. It can’t get any better than this!

The Japanese giants have finally dropped the lid on the project which was initially codenamed ‘NX’ and it’s set to hit the stores in March 2017. Now let’s get to the good stuff:

1. The Nintendo Switch oozes portability:

If you hadn’t got the time to check out the teaser(scroll down) be sure to check it out ASAP. As speculated, the Nintendo Switch will be a hybrid console, which is, a home console that can double-up as a handheld device whenever you like. You can play games on the big screen and with just a couple of nifty clicks and slides you can remove the sides and re-attach them to get a Wii U-like experience.

The controllers are called ‘joy cons’. They can be separated from the center to operate as two singly-functional units, or can be used as a traditional standalone controller. Nintendo has brought something new to the table with the modular-style multiplayer play; wherein players can compete in some fun gaming sessions.

Nintendo Switch

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2. The Console sports a bad-ass 7-inch screen:

The design for the console is largely inspired from today’s mobile phones and tablets. While Nintendo may have partnered with Apple on this one, it remains to be seen how the big titles are going to fare on this bad boy with its screen size. However, nobody is seen touching the screen during the entire video so it is plausible to think that they have decided to drop the touchscreen functionality, distinctive of the Nintendo Wii-U.

Nintendo Switch


3. Nintendo….wait for it…. are back to using cartridges!

Yes, you read that right. Nintendo has played one of their own cards and has decided to revert back to the use of cartridges as it was with the GameBoy, 3DS, SNES, and the like. This move will surely be appreciated by the hardcore fans and is sure to bring a sense of nostalgia. In the trailer, a gamer is seen sliding in an SD card-sized cartridge into a slot. This would also mean that games will be available for purchase in the market.

SD card sized cartridge


4. It has enough firepower:

It has always been a herculean task to bring high-performance to portable devices. However, Nintendo has in store something good for us. It is powered by NVIDIA graphics and they have included a ton of new APIs, libraries, and custom tools to enhance your gaming experience a notch higher.

Nintendo powered by NVIDIA graphics

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5. And finally, at its heart are the soulful games:

Any Nintendo console is incomplete without its staples – The Mario franchise, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong etc. Likewise, the Nintendo pay tribute to these evergreen games and have announced a new 3D super Mario and Mario Kart 8 among other titles.

Nintendo is also working with other developers to support third-party games and many titles will be available for playing on the console.

Nintendo support third party games

So mark your calendars as the first devices will be rolling out in March 2017.  There are no specs available at the moment, but you can expect a detailed review when it’s out. The hype is real for this one alright. Stay tuned guys!




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