iPhone Monitoring Using SMS Tracking Application – Possible?

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The use of cell phones became tremendous in the last few years, and now they have become an important part of our lives. We use our cell phones not just for voice calling but for countless other activities like video calling, chatting, for clicking photographs, making videos, using it as a GPS locator, etc. With the advancement in technology, the degree of freedom of using our cell phones is also rising. The era of the internet revolutionized the power of cell phones. As the positive use of cell phones increased, the negative side became more prevalent than before. We don’t want our phones to be used in an inappropriate way, using it as a tool to perform any crimes. Hence arises the need for SMS tracking.

What are the benefits of SMS Tracking for iPhone monitoring?

  • iPhone trackers are extremely beneficial in monitoring iPhone activities to make sure that the device is not used in an inappropriate manner.
  • To prevent teenagers from getting tangled into any kind of cybercrime, the parents can use these trackers to monitor their activities.
  • Company officials can keep track of their iPhones which are used by the employees.

Now, the problem is which SMS trackers to use for iPhone monitoring?

The market is already crowded with tonnes of different SMS trackers for iPhone monitoring, but only a few keep up to their promises.

What if we make our own reliable GPS enabled tracker for such monitoring? In this way, we can customize the sms tracker as per our needs.

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Let us follow the steps to create our own SMS Tracking

1. Assembling the necessary components

Before jumping into the development part, make sure you have the following components:

  • One Sim5320 3G Module
  • One Arduino Pro Mini
  • One MCP 602 OpAmp
  • Resistors
  • Two 20kΩ
  • Two 680 kΩ
  • One 10kΩ
  • One 470Ω
  • One 50kΩ trimmer
  • One LM2940CT 5.0 Voltage Regulator
  • One 220µF Capacitor
  • One Piezoelectric Transducer
  • One Key Switch

2. Developing the Circuit

Now that we have all components let us now move ahead and build the circuit using all the components.

SMS tracking
Source: instructables.com

Referring to the pic attached above, build the circuit. Make sure all the connections are made properly to remove any chances of errors.

You can consult the tutorial video for building the circuit from the link mentioned below-

3. Source Code Uploading

Once you have successfully made the circuit, its time for you to upload the coding into the Arduino Pro Mini.

Download the libraries mentioned below, and upload the same into your Arduino Pro Mini.

Once you’ve successfully uploaded the libraries into the Arduino, perform some trails using your own GPS SMS Tracking System.

Apart from this, if you want to opt for some already developed application for iPhone monitoring using SMS Tracking, then you can try out mSpy.

mSpy is one of the most reliable paid SMS tracker for iPhone monitoring.

To install mSpy in the iPhone, the user does not need to perform a jailbreak. However, to get complete access over all the features of mSpy, it is advisable to jailbreak the iPhone once.

mSpy works stealthily to track all the iPhone activities and transmit the same over the internet to a Control Panel; which the user can access using their personal mSpy account. To get your own iPhone monitoring app visit iPhone Monitoring


Using SMS trackers, you can monitor any suspicious activities in your iPhone and prevent your dear ones from being the victims of any cybercrime.


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