Improving Your Aim in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone has finally arrived with the breath of fresh air and is becoming a challenging path for the players. However, specific general tips will be helping you get better with the Warzone screen. It is applicable for the Battle Royale game like PUBG, Fortnite, or Apex legends.


However, if you have never played Modern Warfare or any Call of Duty game, you must know that appropriately aiming sometimes proves to be a painful experience for you and the team. Log into to ensure that you aim properly and get to the winning zone with great ease. Other than that, here are a few tips that you must follow-

Changing the mouse sensitivity 

Usually, the new and experienced players make a mistake using the high sensitivity to point for a more significant impact. Though they are right to some extent, it doesn’t become the actual case. Your mouse and control sensitivity proves to be relatively more precise. After the reduction of aim of sensitivity, you can see landing shots become accurate.

Adjustment of the mouse DPI 

When you are using the PC, it comes with another advantage in the form of mouse sensitivity. Some PC players usually don’t have the idea about adjusting the DPI on the mouse. However, they can sometimes take the strategy of controlling the sensitivity. Usually, the professional players have a mouse DPI set around 800 with low Mouse sensitivity.

However, this aspect doesn’t mean that the same settings will be suitable for you. However, you can give it a try to the one that will be perfect for you. Some mouse players make use of a dedicated setting App through which you can adjust the DPI. However, you can also start changing by going to the devices panel in the windows settings.

Getting the right headshots 

Aiming at the head of the enemy always leads to happening the positive things. All you have to do is to land the few accorded shots to the head simply. Consequently, the enemy will be dropping on the ground. This works out in the apex legends, and the PUBG players also find it familiarized with. Whenever you are seeing the enemy, always make sure to aim the target at the right height. It will also be helping you to drop them down more quickly.

Loadout right at the start of the match 

Loadout leads to the creation of the team. Pick one of the pre-made loadouts. Professional players also don’t know about getting the right point at the start of the match. All you need to do is just hand all the cash to one squad member and then go ahead with the loadout’s purchase. Create the whole team that can then utilize it and pick the favorite loadout that will be adding to the advantage.

Consideration of the snipers for a one-shot kill 

Snipers and some marksman rifles usually prove to be the most deadly weapons in the games at the moment. Sometimes aiming for the head and getting the one-shot becomes the essential point. Regardless of the aiming level, it will be working the best. Warzone does not provide a helmet and armor that is much weaker than that in the blackout. 

Staying calm

Staying calm becomes an essential point for helping you with the landing shots accurately. Some players usually get confused and start shooting smoothly. Hurrying at such issues becomes problematic because it will only need new problems. Instead, the wise solution is seeing the enemy and then trying to do as much as possible and focusing more on aiming correctly.

Spending some amount on the free fire becomes a useful tool that can mean the difference between the defeat and weapon. You need to get up quickly before they are taking you down. The self revive kit will be doing a fantastic job, and the enemy team will be suddenly there for the deadly surprise. 

The practice is the key

Finally, without practice, you aren’t going to get anywhere. However, you won’t get the improvement of your aim overnight. This aspect proves to be a time taking process, and gradually, it will help in making progress. For getting anywhere, you will have to keep practicing. Playing many matches in a single day gives you a good practice session. Playing Plunders more instead of the Casual Battle Royale can let you re-spawn in it.

We’ve listed some of the best tips that can help improve your aim in the Warzone. Be sure to practice that can make you the best in no time.


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